Post Surgery – Ari and her toe

So sorry for the late update everyone, the children have been on and off sick with runny nose and bad coughs. Everyone in the house fell sick and we were all taking turns like a macabre round the chair dance. Ari’s bandages have been removed and replaced with a teeny plaster that can get wet but needs to be patted dry after every shower. The scar is not so red and angry anymore. She went through the surgery like a champion. I have hilarious videos of her right after she woke up from the anaesthetic. She was disoriented but not disoriented enough to ask for an ice block (she got two because I made the mistake of biting a small bit and she threw a very big tanty with big fat tears rolling down her cheeks). The nurse looked at me horrified and said “Mummy shouldn’t have done that! It’s ok sweetie you can get another ok” I was horrified and also relieved that my daughter was well enough to be a spoiled brat.

Thank you to all my kind readers for the kind words of support. Much love.




Till Then

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Many injured and allegedly dead after Truck Ploughs into Crowd in Nice

Truck Ploughs Into Crowd In Nice, France Many Injured

My heart just broke, I don’t understand how people can do this? Violence will always beget violence and it won’t end anything. Why? Why did they do this???

I just can’t… people have lost their family members, friends, lovers. Individuals who make up the threads of a community, all gone, for nothing. This incident follows  the recent bombing of a shopping centre in Baghdad Bombing in Central Baghdad

I can’t stop thinking about how I would have done the same thing. To bring my family out for a night out. Just walking together, chatting, spending quality time with each other. Just like how those families in Baghdad were out celebrating Eid with their loved ones wanting to break fast, just like those poor people in Nice who wanted to celebrate Bastille Day only to be confronted with the horror of bombs, guns, trucks and violence. What did that achieve?


No words can describe my sadness for the people who have lost someone in these horrific incidents. The people who were killed could have been sole income earners in the family, parents to a now orphaned child, sons and daughters who were taking care of their elders. It is not just the lives lost that matters it is also the lives that have been left behind in the aftermath. Horrific, just fucking horrific.



Till Then

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So, baby girl is now under general anesthetic and is waiting to go into surgery. 

All fun and games but when she started turning and tossing in the final stages before succumbing to sleep had me a bit worried. The doctor warned me it would happen. But he said “most children will wiggle a bit…”  I was expecting a wiggle and a twitch not her hands coming up and her twisting her body left and right before she became inert. 

After that, I was politely escorted out of the room. The nurse was gentle, she must have seen the shock on my face before I could cover it with my usual bravado. “It will take about an hour” she said.  “You can wait here if you like” she said. 

Now I’m in the hospital cafe sipping an overpriced bitter mocha and tasteless salmon sandwich while I wait. It will be fine. 
Till then


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Surgery Appointment Booked

It’s confirmed! Ari will be admitted next Monday for her surgery. Wish her luck! My poor baby will have to go under general anaesthetic. I am a bit worried about that but still feeling upbeat and positive.

My letter of goodbye to that teeny toe:

Goodbye, special extra tiny toe on the left foot. You were a nice a surprise and we were going to keep you but you have made shoe shopping a mission. We have had to forgo beautiful tiny shoes for practical 2 sizes too big alternatives.

You have made it hard to balance and run at the same time. Getting stuck in places where you shouldn’t be has been a pain. But it hasn’t been all that bad, you are a symbol of how special Ari is. Sad to see you go but go you must so we can look forward to a more stable run, no more hidden promises of a compromised gait, access to a variety of shoes and the very fun notion of her contemplating on whether to wear heels or not can be an option opened to her.





***Has anyone have had an experienced with children and general anesthetics? How was it? What did you do to prepare for the before and after? Any tips?


Till Then


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July, You’re Here Already!?

Good morning beautiful people,

I have a backlogged of entries that I need to post up so be prepared for your wordpress reader and emails to be bombarded with what we did in the whole month of June after having our week of birthday parties and opening presents.

We had our coldest morning on Sunday to date, I think we went as low as 3 degrees and the cars were all frozen up. Ice was thick and frosty on the windscreens with wet ground and super cold air. That is as cold as it gets in good ol Auckland and I can’t imagine anything colder. I don’t know how you folks who live in colder places do it.

With the change of weather (we are expected to have a few more frosty mornings for a couple more weeks) baby has taken over my raspy cough and blocked nose. Poor bubs, except for sleeping time she is just as active and lovely albeit with buckets more of drool and mucus.

Gaby boy has been more clingy of late which is driving me crazy as I try to battle on with the sick baby. I do try to give him as much hugs and cuddles as he needs as he does seem more settle and less of a gorilla when I spend more time with him.

*I really must make a note to spend more one on one time with the twins. They are starting to act up more and I suspect this could be one way to combat their readed tantrums.

Speaking of tantrums…Ari had a massive on on Friday which continued on to Saturday and we only saw a hint of our beautiful cheery baby girl on Sunday afternoon.

As you can tell folks, this weekend just past was a loooooonnngggg one.


Happy Monday Peeps!



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Walking on toes

I was walking out of the toilet when I heard “Mummy, look! Tip Toe!”. I turned to Gaby and saw him doing this!

Video of Gaby “Tip Toe”

First, I find it amazing that he can do that! I almost broke my toes trying to emulate him. Secondly, is this safe for him to do? Lastly, where is the best place to go learn ballet in Auckland?


Till Then

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An Adventure A Day

As part of our one week birthday celebration for the twins we went to the Zoo last week. It was an expensive venture but the twins (especially Gaby boy) made the trip worthwhile. He was the navigator and navigated us through the zoo with his trusty map.

It was a good day to go the zoo as it was on one of the rare weekends in winter where the sun would be out and no rain to spoil the day. It was a bit nippy but nothing like a warm jumper and a lot of running, screaming and expressions of joy couldn’t fix. We brought the stroller along but Miki was not having any of that, so we carried the baby pushed the stroller (which handled our gazillion bags of important stuff) while the children screamed their way into the zoo wanting to see EVERYTHING.

That was my fourth time there in the years that I have been in Auckland and it was the best one yet. All the animals were out that there due to the cold weather and the appearance of the sun. The elusive Tigers and Cheetahs were lounging out in the open trying to soak up as much of the sun’s rays to stay warm. The children were interested but the adults were definitely more into it knowing how rare it was to see them about.

After three hours of walking the stroller came in handy when the children became tired and grumpy. We tried lifting their spirits again with ice cream but half an hour later it was clear to all that it was time to go home. Amidst cries of protest at the entrance we promised to bring them to the zoo again. This time with inah and grandpa when they come visit from my hometown. I hope the animals come out to play on our next visit, please.




When I had kids I told myself that we would be the type of family that would be out and about as much as possible. Walks in the parks, beach, lakes and everything in between. My mother inspired me to be active with my kids. She would work long hours but when the holidays hit we would be preparing for some grand adventure that she had meticulously planned. That’s why regardless of how tired I was when the weekend hit I would be raring to go out and about. I get into a pretty foul mood when we are cooped indoors. I want my children to do things that I did, travel the country in a car with the family, have fun with things that does not include an ipad, mobile phone or television. To experience this majestic world of ours and know that we are but a speck of sand in the universe. But as little as we are, our existence matters, their life matters, there is a reason for everything and to just have an adventure a day and live.


Till Then


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Week Long PARTY! Woot! Woot!

We celebrated the twins birthday early this year as the weather was going to be fine (it was beauuuutiiifulll). So I booked the community center which was only a 5 minutes walk away from our place, sent out last minute invitations, rushed here and there for the food ,cake and balloons and TA DA, we have a birthday party!

Thank you so much to James, Evon, my father in law and mother in law for helping with  cooking, clean up and watching the kids while me and Bron went around the place doing stuff!

The kids had so much fun! Love, love love! It was a crisp and sunny day, adding clarity to an already wonderful time that we were having. So many children and parents around and I really do feel so blessed and happy for my children that they are surrounded by such a loving community. A community that I will work hard to maintain. I truly believe they will need that support to grow into the human beings that God wants them to be.

Every year the celebration gets simpler but the presents just get better and better. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH (you think I’m excited? One of my girlfriends urged the twins to open their birthday presents as she couldn’t wait to see what they got too!) We never expect anything but friends and family (especially the grandparents!!!) have spoiled the twins rotten. It will be a week long festivity in our house ending with this weekend. A dinner,  joint celebration of my husband and the twins (the twins were born a day before MOH’s birthday 🙂 )







I have some videos from the party (links below) if you want you can visit my FB page to see what we have been up to :


There was an incident with the balloons, luckily two of the guests came to the rescue. Don’t try it at home folks!


The perfect photo to end this post with ❤

Till Then


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Waiting List for Pre-School

I have just enrolled the twins to a pre-school near our home. I don’t know why but I feel so nervous and sad (crazy isn’t it???) They haven’t even started yet and already I’m a mess.

I haven’t researched much into the place except that they have a ratio of 1 teacher to 6 children (which is good) and the place is loud, messy and full of fun (which is very, very good). I want my kids to meet children their age, have some time away from the grandparents and socialise. The place is close enough that my in laws can just walk there to pick them up and check on them whenever they want to.

I need to remind my mother in law to schedule a time to sit in and have a look at the place to see if they like it.

I…feel weird. LOL I don’t know, my babies are now going to school. WHAT THE HELL!


Till Then


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Kindness must be practiced everyday

So, I made it a point this year to make sure I posted at least three times a week on this personal blog of mine. It hasn’t even been 3 months into this gig and  I have already failed. The reasons are myriad some totally legit like Gaby falling ill, not eating and suffering from frequent bouts of diarrhoea and vomiting. Miki deciding that sleep was not for her while her two front teeth make an appearance. Ari was the only one who was fit and healthy except for one night where she had a really high fever and I was worried she was getting what Gaby was getting but it turned out to be a one off thing. Also lets factor in my laziness for not updating 😛

But enough about my excuses!

I read in the papers today about this poor woman who was heavily pregnant and crossing the road Auckland woman helps diabetic stranger after she collapsed on the road. She collapsed on the road, in the rain and passerby and motorists alike heckled her instead of helping her off the road with her child.

Luckily a kind Samaritan went to help her up and get her to safety as she composed herself.  Most people thought she was drunk and abused her for it but that does not condone their actions. I am just incensed at the treatment that this woman had to endure. We are living in a first world country, we should know better. Even if she was drunk, high as a kite, off her chair or whatever term people use these days, the woman obviously needed help and she had a child with her! Even the MORE reason to stop honking, get out of the car and help the poor lady. To those who walked by her and to those who honked at her SHAME ON YOU!

In the last ten years Auckland has grown exponentially with a rise in migration, tourism and the housing sector to name a few. I am afraid that as we get bigger and richer in Auckland we also lose bits and pieces of our humanity. What a terrible trade off. We need to practice more kindness especially in this age of technology.




Till Then


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