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So, here I am in WordPress! After posting my question on my 20six blog I thought what the heck! Why don’t I just do a trial run and if it works I can get the blog up and running and improve on it as I go.

I wonder if  cash monkey and the tard can see this? Comment if you can!

Should I get a tagboard up and running? The pros is I get to see random silly comments and the con would be that it would be deleted every time someone updates it. Do you like my cincai headboard? I will leave it there until I feel more comfortable with this new blog.

Now, on to the more important stuff, the company I work for is setting up this relief campaign to collect clothes, food stuff, linen and money to donate to the victims that were hit by the Tsunami that rocked Samoa to its core. The general manager of my company has also offered to match dollar for dollar on our cash donations. I hope we all dig deep in our pockets to help the poor people in Samoa who have lost their loved ones, home and livelihood. I’m gonna look around the house and take whatever  I can spare to help out.

If you’re in New Zealand and you want to help do come over to my place with your goodies and I’ll bring it to work for them to ship to Samoa . We need it before the 6th of October.

The things most needed are:

  • Clothing – summer clothes only please
  • Food – canned food, dry food, snacks e.g. noodles, biscuits etc..

Also helpful would be:

  • Kitchen utensils – pots, pans, knives forks etc
  • Linen – sheets/pillows/pillowcases and towels

If you are serious do give me a text at 021 069 2799 and I’ll come and pick up the stuff or give you my address to drop it off.

Speaking of tsunamis, Indonesia was hit with a 7.9 (on the Richter scale)  earth quake and from what I have read and heard it’s pretty devastating. I cannot imagine how it feels to be in the area that was hit by the earthquake. I can only imagine the fear they must have experienced when it was happening and the prayers that went through their heads hoping that none of their loved ones were caught up in it.

Till Then.


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