Saturday in October with photos from September

You must be surprised with the amount of entries that I have been posting up lately. I have been telling myself that I should work a little bit more in updating my blog. I didn’t see any reason why I should keep it if I can’t update it. So, I have challenged myself to update everyday and this does not include post on lyrics, random one line sentences and YouTube videos. However, it does include inspirational quotes from people wiser then me, crack ups at work where I struggle to understand the kiwi slang, private and not so private conversation that I have with friends and photos galore.

As you know I am in a transitional phase in my life at the moment where I am questioning what I do, how I do things, think, feel and react. What I have found is that I do respect myself but I feel that I did not give myself enough room or time to grow into my own person. Even now as I type this I feel this rush of emotion to just do something. Make a statement! Be big and bold! What frustrates me is that I have no idea what to do to achieve this. I have a couple of ideas but I am unable to work on them until I get my finances in order. I also think that Asia is the place to start my mission on making that statement. However, MOH has asked me on several occasions why can’t I try here in New Zealand . I tend to brush him off saying that the entertainment industry here is really small or it’s not really happening. But at the back of my head there is this small teeny weeny voice telling me that I haven’t tried it yet. Even after being here for 5 years I am still not comfortable with calling this place home.

My blood calls out for my native birthplace; I have dreams of the islands and can feel the balmy wind in my face as the heat burns us alive. Believe it or not I feel like I have unfinished things to do before I settle down and have that stone fence I always wanted (white picket fences are soo last season). I think that what is really bothering me is not my quest for fame but to finally rest my inner longings for home. I want to move on and progress forward without looking back. Reading this you must be thinking I am a whingeing puss. I am in a funny place at the moment not lost but not in a secure and stable place just yet. I will let you know when I have reached my destination or at least a major stopover.

On to other matters! Puppy has grown into a gorgeous dog. Her stint at the in-laws was productive as she was fed more than what she would have been given here and she had a huge lawn to run around in. Very different to what she gets with us which is to be holed up at home while we are working and then be holed up with us as we try to conquer Rock Band. MOH bought a PS3 and I am so hooked into playing the drums for that song called ‘Monsoon hotel’. I am loving it! I have not been playing dota and HON for ages (does one game count?).

Below are some non clubbing photos that I took of my trip back home. Sigh, I do miss home!

My birthday back home!

I celebrated my 25th birthday back home, bbq style!


My parents helping out the monkey with school work


Went to Sepilok to see the Orang Utan. We also visited a sanctuary for the proboscis monkey which is not too far away from Sepilok


Monkey 1


Orang Utan


Monkey 2


A pink cow. It was so friendly and so pink!


Before my trip to Singapore we attended Roger and Sally’s wedding

held at Promenade hotel.


We went to Singapore and Wei Liang was kind enough to let us stay with him

for the duration of our stay. Though we did stay for a night at Jason’s.





When I came back Singapore I found this stuck on my door. lol!

Till Then


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