Godskitchen 2009

Went to GK last night and it was good fun. The whole time I was dancing I kept thinking about Li Yang and how much she would have enjoyed the rave. It was held in Ellerslie and it was held on three floors. I stayed upstairs most of the time as that was where the harder beats were at. I did the running man heaps! I felt the inner ah lian in me bursting out to dush dush on the dance floor.

Before heading off to the rave we stop by Kwang’s place for pre-drinks. I met his really cool house mates and the rest of the gang they all look so good and it has been ages since I last saw them. So we played a drinking game called the ‘circle of death’. Then when most of us were already really high they proceeded to pop some party pills before the rave. I decided to try half a pill since I was so curious and only when I reached the event was I told that what I had ingested was ‘E’. Fantastic…I don’t mind my friends taking it but I sort of wanted to keep myself away from all this ‘hard core’ party drugs you know, your body is a temple and shit. Ah oh well, so since I had already swallowed the damn thing I might as well enjoy the experience. They said that it would heighten the sensation of  dancing and make you feel the beat to  your bones. The problem is even without alcohol and drugs I am already on a high when I get on the dance floor. So, about 3 hours later and 4 bottles of water (one of the side effects is that your constantly thirsty) one of my mates comes over and ask “So how you feeling? Are you all high?” I shake my head “I’m kinda sleepy now”. “What?” so he pulls me over to this 2 meter high speaker (which was blasting away on full volume) and ask me to put my back to it and roll with the bass. All I got was a sore back and experienced momentary deafness. “Still nothing?” he ask. I shake my “Nope, sorry”. “Damn that bitch! I paid good money for this shit and it’s not even working! I’m gonna ask for my money back!” and he proceeded to stomp off. I feel bad as he said that one pill was $40. Oh well!

I have a theory about this, maybe the pill wasn’t working cause I had to wait an hour in the freezing cold for Ferren. So it happened like this. While I was at Kwang’s, Ferren texted me and said that she will be there around 11ish. So I thought that was perfect cause she and Dan are always late so I will give them an hour. We left Kwang’s place 10 minutes to 12 and then texted Ferren only to find out that she wasn’t even ready yet and was still at home! What? Ok never mind the que was long and that would take about 10-20 minutes so we queued up first expecting them to come soon. When it was our turn to hand in the tickets they still haven’t arrived and we had to wait for another extra 45 minutes for them outside. There I was in my thin singlet and short pants! Wonderful, I wasn’t a happy person at that time, mumbling to Bronson that I wanted to go home and I can’t believe this is happening! Next time I’ll get the tix of Ferren before I even go to the event!

So maybe all that waiting in the cold sobered me up. You think?

I think the best part of the party was that there was all this gorgeous men in one place! I also bumped into Mable whom  I  haven’t seen since last year. She’s looking good and well and she was there with some mates of hers. All in all it was a good night out, I danced till my legs hurt and went home about 5am in the morning.  Waking up today was easy no hangover and such. Hopefully will get the photos soon and I’ll post it up.

Till Then


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