It is freezing!

If you are in New Zealand you will know that it has been really cold today. My hands feel like they are encased in ice! It is that cold and I don’t have gloves dainty enough for me to wear and type at the same time. Today, I had a short conversation with Maggie at squash today. We were chatting about his friend who has just gotten herself pregnant to her long time partner. The issue here is that they are not married and do not seem to be in any hurry to do so.

“That’s a stupid culture” I said.

“What? They bought a home together, have been together for a number of years and they are going to have a child. What more would you want?”

“Marriage!” Li Yang pipes in and I go over and shake her hand ( we can be so annoying sometimes).

I continue by saying “It’s like ,not only does he get the milk for free but he gets a calf in the bargain!”

He starts to argue and I stop him and say “It’s not wrong but I think it’s wrong as I come from a different culture.”

He agrees and we end the conversation.

To be honest while I was showering I kept thinking about my response and tried to find the reasons why I felt that way.  After much thinking I find that I really don’t have an answer. I mean, I don’t really care if a couple have a child out of wedlock but at the same time it makes me feel like it’s the easy way in and out. Maggie pointed out that it is just a piece of paper. If it is then why do most couples opt to not have it? Is it because of money? They why have a child when you are not financially stable? Sometimes I wish we still live in a society where you need a chaperon to come along to your dates with the girl you like and if you want to sleep with her then you have to marry her.

Archaic thought isn’t it? I think so too… but then…

Till Then


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