Smells like cow dung

I’m gonna sound like a total whiner here but I really really REALLY hate it when I organize something and then it all turns to sh*ts just because I couldn’t pay for the d@mn tickets myself!

I ran out of money due to my big splurge in Malaysia but pay day is coming! I couldn’t pay for the tickets so I asked MOH for a favour. He said ‘ok’ now 4 days later I said “ok, let’s get the tickets!” He was like “has everyone paid?” I’m like “nope but don’t worry they will all pay, even if they don’t go I will make sure they will pay” so he goes all cina pek on me. Sigh, so I bug the people who haven’t paid and all that. 2 days later I ask again and he goes online and finds out that there is a 5 dollar service charge for each transaction. We have to get 18 tickets which is about $600 and he wasn’t keen on getting the tickets online as we would need to put through 2 transactions (maximum tickets we can order online is $10). So okAAAAaaaayYYYY we will go the next day. Sunday came and we had to do a lot of stuff so we couldn’t go to the city and MONDAY freaking rolls by and the tickets have gone up 10 lousy bucks! $10!!! Oh my cow!!!!!!

I hate ineptitude in other people and hate it even more in myself and that is why this is bothering me so much. This could have been avoided if I just stood my ground and ask him to just buy the freaking tickets, he will get his money back! Now I have to go and double handle everything, send emails/text out to the people about the changes and see if they still want to go, wait for the money etc. I kept saying lets just buy it because the price will go up and THEY WILL PAY!!!! THEY WILL! PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF MOTHER EARTH AND ALL THAT IS KIND JUST FREAKING BUY THE TICKETS!

What the fudge!


Ok, I’m ok now, no seriously I am. One just needs to be a drama mama once in awhile ok.

I’m ok. No, really I am.


Till Then


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One response to “Smells like cow dung

  1. liyang

    well I didnt knwo it cause that much trouble to organis ticktes, its easier if I sort out the ticktes by myself then you wont end up so miserable…anyway its gonna be a good party @_@

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