Borgia, sleepless, twist and turn like a merry go round

Before I slept I read a book about the Borgias and how a princess from Naples survived the politics and danger of the court that she found herself in. Forever longing for her home but caged in a gold cage called Rome .

I didn’t get my wish of a dreamless dream and had a tacky rerun of a scene from the book where the princess comes back to her room after committing adultery with her 15 year old husbands older brother. She finds a note on her bed saying Pastur! Adultery! Unfit! It makes no sense; I have no idea why the word ‘pastur’ was in my dream and this caused me to have a restless night. The first 50 pages of the book was riveting but it soon became uncomfortable with topics such as sodomy, incest relationship and intrigue all weaved into a sad tale of religion, debauchery and finding one self in a time where everyone was only looking for self gratification. I haven’t finished the book yet and I am not sure I ever will.

I feel that I have out grown my perverse sense of entertainment, where sordid tales no longer amuse me and I am not dying to finish the book as quickly as I can. I now just want to surround my self with fluff and stories that makes one cry but in the end it has a happy ending.

No happy ending for me when I found out through YouTube that one of my friends has been charged with breach of contract and has disappeared from the face of the earth. We met in high school and she seemed like the posh girl from the big city. She certainly carried herself differently from anyone else I have ever met. Although she wasn’t beautiful she had a very confident manner and when you started talking to her she would get more and more attractive.

We had a fall out when I was in form4/5 and haven’t really kept in touch. When I finally met up with her 2 years later it was a happy reunion turned sour when she found out who my new boyfriend was. Fast forward 3 years down the track we find each other on Friendster and started having small talks, nothing personal or too intimate. As far as I know she was in Hong Kong for missionary works and spreading the word of God. I think she was in troupe of entertainers who travel across Asia . So for the past 7 years I thought she was traversing the countryside. I didn’t know that she went back to KL and is now embroiled in a dramatic case of fraud.

I feel that there is two sides to the story but unfortunately she did not have the chance to tell hers. I am sure there is a logical explanation for all this.

Till Then


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