Work like a dog and sleep like a dog

Sigh, lost again at netball today but I enjoyed the game lot. I had so much things on my mind that I left netball without saying goodbye to the team. Sorry! I was in another world.

This afternoon I was called into a meeting today to discuss about my application for the Product Manager role. The HR Manager and Group Product Manager was there and they told me that at this stage they were not going to proceed with my application but wished to talk about my plans and where I see myself in the company. Right then and there I felt ‘ahh feck it la’ so I told them what I wanted to do and why I applied for my job. The current role that I am in was fine for someone who just got out of Uni and wanting to have a go at the corporate world. I enjoyed the first year as it was a year full of change and challenges. I relished the task of achieving my task and doing it well. The second year was more of the same but I got better at it and now I am just bored. I go through the motions and feel empty. When I first started this role I told myself that I would only stay a year, get the work experience I need then trudge off to another company doing something else. That was 3 years ago and now, I’m still there.

I don’t regret what I did and I learned a lot, the  people who I worked with and report to have taught me many things. However, after trying many times to get into the Sales and Marketing area of the company I was finally told today that one of the reasons (but they insisted it wasn’t the driving force of why they made their end decision) is my relationship with MOH. He being the key Business Development Manager (BDM) in that department would hardly make it an ideal arrangement if I was there as a product manager. The other product managers might start to think that there was favoritism when we pitch our products to the BDM. I understood where they were coming from and told them as much.

I wanted it spelled out so I asked “If I were to apply for other roles in Sales and Marketing it would be very hard for me to get it…” said I.

“Well not impossible, just not ideal” was what she replied.

” I see”. Hence I stood up, told them that this meeting was very beneficial for me and walked out of the room.

This will be my last entry about my present company the next time I talk about work will be when I announce that I have found a new job.

Till Then

p/s gambate me



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2 responses to “Work like a dog and sleep like a dog

  1. Boon

    FUIYOH! terrer sial… hehe but good on u la! good luck with job hunting!

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