Potong Stim

I received a text message yesterday from Jo asking me if I was available for lunch today. I thought “Wow! She’s never asked me out before this must be about something big”. I instantly replied back to her text and we agreed to meet up at 12.30 at Bunga Raya (which I must say have a kick as* chicken rice only issue is they don’t have the soup kosong that usually accompanies a chicken rice dish). Anyhoo, it got more interesting when she told me that even Pearce was going. I was like double wow so I gleefully went to MOH and asked if he wanted to come. So he also naik siok and we both thought up all sorts of scenarios on why they wanted to have lunch with us.

Here was what we (well mostly me came up with)

Top Ten:

1. They were getting married

2. She was pregnant

3. They wanted to borrow money

4. Want to go into business together

5. Tell me that uncle and aunty have been complaining about me

6. They change their mind and they want to rent with us

7. They had a problem at home and needed to talk about it

8. Plan a holiday together

9. Complain about us/other people

10. Something to do with their pets

So went for lunch (I also took the opportunity to let my manager know that I would be back late from lunch) sat down and prepared ourselves for the ‘huge’ news. Half an hour into lunch and a lot of wriggling in seats both of us realized that the invitation to lunch was just that, an invitation to lunch.

Cis, potong stim.

What the heck is ‘potong stim’? I hear you ask. It’s an expression to explain how a person excitement turns to disappointment. Cutting the steam of excitement half way through before it can explode. Does that make sense? No? Well you try to explain it la 😛

Till Then


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