Useless facts

Useless fact #1

Did you know that I slept on the floor for a whole week, last week? I haven’t had such good sleep since the time when I went home to Malaysia for a holiday. The only issue is that my neck is now in perpetual ‘stuck’ mode. I can’t move it freely, I have to move my body with my head if I want to look left, right or up. Looking down is not an issue but I rarely look down unless my b_ _bs have gone up to double D.

I have read back some of my post and I gotta say some of them are pretty emo. I cringe when I look back at some of the stuff I have written so far but I won’t delete them la. One has gotta just bear the brunt of ones words and care for naught the tides of  repercussions those same words will bring.

I stand tall on this rock called life and proceed forward, nary a regret nor the intention to move backwards.

I shall be now called ‘cheesy for life’ CFL for short.

You may also call me ‘CFL The Guru’ for I kinda like the sound of it ‘Guru’. GURU!

Useless fact #2

I hate coffee but I downed two cups this morning, the instant kind. Why did I do that? I didn’t have anything else to munch my biscuits with. You know what I mean right? You know! Take a biscuit (preferably crackers) break it into smaller pieces and dump them into your cup of steaming coffee/milo/milk. Let all that goodness soak through and through and then scoop all that soaking goodness and savour the soggy mess that it has transformed into.

So I deduced that due to the copious amount of coffee that I have taken, has lead me to write this nonsensical post.

All the more to celebrate the fact that today it is indeed glorious Friday.

Let’s not waste it now.

Till Then


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