Yen comes to town and a birthday party at High Street

Bron organised a drink up at our place last night and I must say it was pretty succesful. We manage to bring down Yen (who is here in Auckland till Tuesday), Kelvin (talking crap the whole time) and Eugene who stayed over before he hauled his ass off to church.

It was a good mix of people who came and I must say I enjoyed myself tremendously. We played all sorts of drinking games which I will surely introduce to you the next tiem we have a party. The disgusting part of the party was where they didn’t wash the shot glasses so in it was a mixture of Jagermeister, whisky and curdled Baileys. Sick! Speaking of sick, Yen manage to spew (a really good one  according to the man) outside my window. So if you come by I’ll show the spot that Yen has christined.

We left the drunks to sleep off their high and went out to Delima’s 21st birthday at High Street. Almost everyone was dressed to the nines since the theme was  ‘Casino Royale’. Loved it! The girls were smoking and the men looked so dapper in their suits and vest. Drinks were overflowing but the crowd was good, no rowdiness and crazy ass shuffling on the floor.  We had the usual ho’s on the dance floor (but thats ok, it adds flavour to the party). Pictures as soon as I get it from Terry who was the unofficial party photographer. He has this beautiful piece of equipment  to take photos with, I am not sure what it is but I thought it was impressive.

Updated. Photo time.


The birthday girl Del all decked up.







I even saw another group who I used to go out with quite often on the weekends. It was like a blast from the past! It was good to see them although they were pretty drunk so getting a decent conversation which doesn’t start and end with “Fuck! I’m drunk!’ was pretty hard. Also, I finally wore a dress that I bought in Sabah. I love it but it’s really loose at the bust area and tight at the thighs. Gosh, if only I had a machine to move the fats to the right areas. The good thing is it wasn’t as tight as I thought it would be, ha! am I losing weight? Even after being back from Malaysia for 3 weeks. Good news all around! Bwahahahahahahahah

Woke up at 10.30 this morning and then had my first visitor to check out the rooms (prospects are up!). She is studying to be a vet and she has a dog called Kingston (gorgay boy just gorgay!!!!). She was a sweet girl wanted to move out from her current place as the land lord was increasing the rent. Bummer that but good for us! So she will let us know by next week if she decides to stay with us. Eek! What now? Do i prepare a tenancy agreement or what? Will google it.

Another good news on a Sunday afternoon is that MOH is going to have a visitor later who is interested in the bat mobil and wants to have a look at it. Fingers crossed people. I must admit it looked like nothing was going any where but suddenly expressions of interest are coming in and it prospects don’t look as dim as before. God is good and I do feel blessed.

Till Then


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