So high I can fly a kite

5 mentos packets

2 bars of Moro

2 bottles of water

A whole packet of crackers

2 aspirins

All gobbled down in less than 2 hours. I feel like I am going cross eyed from all the sugar I have consumed. Can’t focus and I’m starting to talk gibberish. Sugar rush ftw!

So, the renting part of my home is going well, have had 3 queries so far. A guy from Hungary is going to come over and have a look later in the evening. A couple will come on Saturday with their cat and MOH is not too keen on the idea of having the feline species in the house. I am not sure how the snow ball will react as she hasn’t had much contact with cats. I think I did mention about the first visitor who brought her staffy x to have a look at the rooms? Yes? Well she hasn’t come back to me yet on whether she wants a room or not.

Oooo! Went to dog obedience class yesterday (first class) and it was really interesting. Some of the dogs were so well behaved and the rest were just acting like hooligans. Snowball was a hooligan, yapping away and wanting to play all day. But she was so smart and manage to do all the basic commands like ‘sit, down and stay’. We added another word to her repertoire which is ‘wait’. We will use this when we want her to stay in her position and not move as we walk back to her. I think this will be a pretty neat skill to have since there are so many joggers and kids around our area. Snowball was knackered when we came back from the class and our only homework from the class was to constantly practice the basic commands everyday and when she gets better we need prolong each command and then upgrade to hand signals so that I don’t have to shout myself hoarse.

On the ‘chasing the dream’ side of things, I applied for the Hitz Fm host position (a radio station in Malaysia ) and have not heard from them yet. No news is good news, no? I also got a tip from a good friend about a project she has in the works. It’s so top secret that I can’t even tell my mother much less blog about it! If all goes well she wants me to work with her (although I have to go through the interview process and all that jazz). Will update you once the cat is out of the bag.

What else? I manage to get an appointment with one of the bigger casting agencies here in Auckland . I did not realise they were so big until I checked out their website. They supply talent and extras for some of the more popular shows here in New Zealand and a couple of big name Disney type of movies. When I called to confirm the appointment the girl who I was talking to sounded like she was a character from the Brady Bunch all chirpy and bubbly. Will let you know how that went as the appointment is this Thursday. Who knows, you might see my Asian mug on ‘Outrageous Fortune’ as an extra. Who knows? That’s about it, well almost.

Pre-drinks at Kwang’s on Saturday before Chemistry and Ralphs last night out with the Auckland gang. I’m so excited! Can’t remember when was the last time I was so excited to go out partying. Woot! Woot!

Till Then


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