I heard a knock on the door while I was cleaning up the mess snowball had made on the kitchen floor. I  quickly washed my hands and opened the door only to be confronted with a stomach.

I looked up all the way to the chest, the neck, mouth, nose and finally reached his eyes. The man was a giant!

‘Hi I am Tibor, I come to see your house’.

So there we were, me with my mouth open looking at this big white dude who was clad all in white waiting patiently for me to usher him into my home.

He questioned, touched the floor, walls, checked that the shower was working, commented on our unfinished tiling project, had time to measure our outside area (I soon found out that he was a builder and he was going to send us a quote to fence our area up) and then he left.

Oh, did I tell you he came with his ex girlfriend of 4 years? They are still living together and but she found another place so he has to move out. I also know that his ex girlfriend is stubborn, talkative and assures us that he is an all round nice guy with a perfectionist streak.

All I know is he’s tall, big and has no room for nonsense.

DID I tell you he was a giant?

Till Then


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