Long weekend is good

So! Went to Chemistry and must say Godskitchen was much much better. The crowd was better, the music was better and the all round goodness was much more evident in GK then it was in Chemistry. Slinky next week but we won’t be going because we only got home at 4.30am on Saturday, couldn’t get up to do the ‘planned’  chores around the house. So we postponed to Sunday but then a few friends came over last night and they stayed till 4.30am! No alcohol! We played Cranium (we almost bust some balls due to some sore losers, but all good, all good!). Then we chatted about everything and anything, childhood escapades, fishing andtype of dogs. Crazy! Woke up at 1.30pm feeling sore so was not up to any chores. Bummer.

So, yes! Next week is work week and no partying until we get the rooms all empty, the garage in tip top shape and the fence partially built.

It’s raining outside and I can totally understand the term ‘rolling hills as the rain mists over it like the olden times’ Have you heard of it? It’s been a good weekend, I like the fact that we did not have to be doused in alco to party hard. No big fight ups and everyone happy happy. All good, can’t really ask for more.

Ah, I tell you, we had this woman come to check out the rooms and she brought her two cats and shh tzu (his name is Henry) and he was ADORABLE!!! MOH was  ‘ugh’ about the cats. When she left we discussed about it and she seemed like a nice lady. He said he was gonna write her a long email about the pets and what she can and can’t do with them. Then we were to charge her $150 instead of $135. So I went to take a nap and left him to it. When I woke up i had a text on my phone saying that $160 was too much but thanks anyway. I’m like…$160? When I asked MOH about it all he said was “Oh, I changed my mind”. It pisses me off that we talk about  this sort of thing and he goes off  changes it the last minute. What was the point of ‘discussing’ about it in the first place?


Anyhoo, work tommorow! I didn’t get the confirmation from the agency so I guess I didn’t get the spot. Whee!!!

Till Then


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