Things to do? How to undo them?

It’s Wednesday already (does a jiggy on the floor). My knee still feels banged up from the all night dancing at Chemistry. Pity my love handles didn’t disappear with all the jiggling I did.

Did not get a call back from the agency for the bikini shot and I thank God for that. New Zealand ain’t ready to see me in a two piece just yet. I got another call to see if I was available for a 3 day shooting as an extra for another popular tv show here in New Zealand so we will see how that goes.

So much things to do my head starts spinning and my eyes go cross eyed with the amoutn of stuff I have to do before T-bor the Hungarian comes in! Where to start???

Also, a small part of my my carpet has fried due to me dropping (and not wiping off the damn thing) hair chemicals. It looks like it has been there soaking in all its goodness for awhile now. My poor carpet looks like some sort of bacteria ate through it. My wardrobe now smells like a barber shop gone wrong. So wrong.


Till Then


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