All at once!

I am a gluten for punishment that 3 in 1 crap of a coffee is really a killer. Already my eyes are going haywire and head is thumping. It’s like alcohol except without the good vibe going through your body. Might I be allergic to this?

So! Tibor came over last night to get our butts into gear and start on the fence. Hassled MOH a lot and today TB went off on a shopping spree (with my money) to buy the raw materials. He is in a rush to get the fence done (although he did deny it when I said so) as he might have to move in on Wednesday as his landlord have some people coming to check the house out. Blimey, so our schedule has been brought up two weeks ahead and now me and MOH are running like headless chickens. So much stuff a.k.a crap to sift through to make the house livable for other people. We need to get the fence done cause not nice la right to have the puppy running inside the house. Kan? Kan?

Oh, this is exciting! I wonder if by the end of this next month we will want to kill each other after living with each other? I should take a photo of the house and how bad it looks. The place looks like a pig sty or like some big giant started vomiting all over the place with clothes, books, dust, dirt, dog hair, food, books and more books. I better start selling the books I have already read no more space. Should I sell your beloved books as well Jo? Jokes! Will contact Jeanette as soon as I am done with my house and get it to resemble a place that homo sapiens dwell in.

What else? As busy as I am right now, I also agreed to help with Kwangs birthday party at the beach next week. Fingers crossed that the weather will be kind to us! We have decided to do a potluck at the beach so we can play touch and soccer. Haven’t done that in ages and I can feel it my bones. Body gets stiff when all you do all day is sit on your bum.

Results coming out soon for one of the competitions that I joined in September will let you know what it is and how it went when the time comes. Project Zen hasn’t started yet, I am itching to have a go been reading up on the topic and I must say I have no idea what I’m doing. Hentam saja!


Over & out from the Coffee Noob.


Till Then


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