Never ending chores part 1


Abit weary from the weekend. It’s been all go from Saturday with cleaning up of the spare rooms and the garage while the boys set up the fence. Weather has been beautiful for the past two days so it has been great moving in and out all the time while we sort the place out.

Many thanks to the Exp, Kel and Wayne for coming over to help with the fence project. Owe you guys one.

Tibor’s soon to be room has been cleaned and the window all clean and shiny. I have no idea how to get rid of the water marks but might try to use scrunched up newspaper and window cleaner. Nothing is done yet, feels like a never ending cycle of chores. Was suppose to go to a Halloween party last night but ditched that to stay at home and play computer games. After the endless rounds of carrying dusty boxes and figuring out what to keep and what to dump has made me as active as fried fish. You know? Fried and dead.

My most hated chore is soon to come which is to clean the spare toilet by Tuesday just in case the big man moves in on Wednesday. Ugh! I hate cleaning toilets! Even in my previous job as a cleaner, toilets were a big NO! NO!  for me.

I took some before and soon to be after shots so you can see what we have been up to.  So for now I am focusing on the spare rooms and the garage just clearing the junk out making the garage into a nifty storage area with nice looking shelves and what not. After that we will move on to the back section of the house and I dread doing this! So much digging to do 😦 Just thinking about it is making me lazy.

Whine, whine, whine.

We did manage to salvage the weekend by visiting the Rose Garden festival in Parnell. It is the first time I have attended the festival as a visitor and not as a performer. The roses, the people, the smell of exotic dishes in the air mingling were all making me sleepy and happy. Sitting in the sun and not doing anything. Bliss.


Till Then



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