Skip Beat

I will let you in on one my biggest darkest secrets.

Are you ready?

I read manga.

Ya, I know.

Now that the comic is out of the bag let me please, please! Refer to you one of my favourite manga of all time.

I present to you Skip Beat


I love it! The storyline, the characters the progression and the whole feel of the manga is just oh-so siok! I always end up laughing out loud at all the freaky stuff that happens and the main character is just so endearing. The men, oh dear, the men in the manga are so hot! Some fans are not really into the mangaka style of drawing but I think it suits the story. I like how it comes out raw sometimes and it just makes the story ‘pop’. For some, there are some areas where it is draggy but I don’t mind, I like how she prolongs some scenes to add oomph to the storyline. Every emotion is beautifully presented but with a funky edge. Hmmm, how do I explain it? It’s like looking at a beautiful serene photo of a forest but the frame of the photo is made out of spikes and studs. Get it? Buy the manga if you can but if you can’t find it have a read or two at the link below:

Link: Skip Beat

To get the complete collection of this manga is definitely on my wish list.

Till Then



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2 responses to “Skip Beat

  1. waaaahhh, this I must check out

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