To do list does not include shopping list ~ sigh

My to do list is getting smaller and smaller, cleaned the two toilets yesterday and man, while scrubbing the toilet bowl I promised NAY! I vowed that I would clean the toilet weekly now so that I won’t have to do triple the work in 3 months time. I know I know I am lazy, soooooo lazy.

Even the intense satisfaction of having my toilet bowl resemble the colour white (it was in pukey yellow when I first started) could not dampen the fear of me having to do it again if I slack off with my weekly cleaning. I should have taken before and after photos! It didn’t cross my mind. I thought who the hell would want to look at photos of my toilet. But since this blog is about me and the minutest details of my life I am sure you guys are interested in the state of my toilet bowl. Right? Right?

Ok! Set! Next time I will take a photo of my toilet bowl and share it with you. I know you are DYING to know how it looks like in a semi clean/slightly gleaming/off white extravaganza that is my toilet bowl.

On more happier and hygienic topics my fence is half finished! Tibor and MOH did a great job! I love it! It’s cut to perfection, the hinges are all sparkly new and the colour is so European! Photos will be up as soon as they finish the second half of the fence. It’s so pretty! I can’t stop saying it, it’s so PRETTY!!! Ho ho ho.

Over the weekend we finally manage to put up the two framed artworks that MOH dad bought for us. One was a…I don’t know what to call it, it was like a small bronze sculpture of Napoleon on his stallion and the other was a beautiful oil painting of an English garden. No picture of the artwork unless requested. I mean why look at the picture when you can easily come over and visit me? Right? All that is left to do is the shelving for the garage, clean up the living area, fill up the empty picture frames and display it in the very small hallway. Well it’s not really a hallway but it’s my house so we are going to call it the hallway. I still need to paint two more rooms but that should be easy enough. I also have to take photos of the stuff I want to sell and put it on Tademe and it will all be on $1 reserve. Anyone interested?

On the shopping side of things, Jo opened an online boutique and I love the items that she is selling. Even before she officially launched her website I had already bought some stuff off her! I am really into fake eye lashes at the moment as I find that I don’t have to go out with a face full of make up. I just put this babies on and I look (and most importantly feel) like a million bucks. So imagine my glee when Jo was selling her eyelashes for $15! I was like “Your selling them too cheap!” she is selling the eyelashes in boxes of 10 or 15 and they are all so pretty. I also bought eyelashes that were made out of green feathers. Was suppose to wear them out for Halloween last week but I was too tired to go out.


Picture 35


Picture 34

I also bought a lovely head band! I love making this stuff but unfortunately don’t really have the time at the moment. I saw what Jo had and almost bought the whole lot! Pity I’m so poor at the moment. Cool or not???? Like I’m going to the races but without the hassle of having to wear a big big hat. I would not have any qualms wearing this to work. Unfortunately, I have to wear a headset so I would have to keep putting it on and off whenever I answered the phone. But no matter! There will definitely be an occasion to wear this baby out.

Picture 32

Picture 33


Will post the link to Jo’s website once it’s up and going!


Till Then


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