Weekend is here!

Ah! Another 2 days of chores! My living room is still messy and so is the garage, dining area and the hallway has boxes of junk in every corner.

Will update with photos when I get home later today.

I’ll be going to the beach tomorrow and apparently the weather will be beautiful.

Haven’t had bbq at the beach in a long long time. I will most probably bring chicken wings soaked in honey and ketchup (as you can see I have no idea what I am doing here). Don’t think I will be swimming but most probably will kick a few balls and run around the beach like a clown. Maybe I should get a cake as well cause we are there to celebrate (a few days early since his birthday is on the 12th of Nov) Kwang’s birthday.

Another dance party on the 21st of November and I’m so tempted to go! I love dancing and I really don’t mind dancing alone as people generally leave you alone when your there. The men tend to ask if your there alone and even if you were just point at some random group and say your with them and they generally will leave you alone. Hmm, should I go? Wanna go with me?

Speaking of music I haven’t recorded the songs I wrote from 2 months ago yet. I picked up the guitar last night and I forgot the chords for most of the songs (this is silly since the songs have 3-4 chords). I should at least update my youtube account before I forgot about it completely. Anybody want to be a bassist for my newbie band?

Home time in an hour! Ho ho ho!!!

Till Then



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