Midnight Secretary

While I’m out tonight I thought I should show you what is currently popular out there in the manga scene.

This is definitely a topical manga with the blood sucking beast getting a romantic twist in books, movies and songs. This is nothing different but it is told in a much more racier and saucier way. None of this holding back crap as this manga goes all the way and more!

So if you like vampires and how they dominant the world then you will be interested in this manga. The heroine is a very determined and hardworking chick. Her work ethics is as good as any professional out there and she catches the eye of a powerful CEO who happens to be a Vampire! Prepare yourself for heaps of love scenes! Taking out the sexy parts of the story the storyline is pretty decent but to be honest you would be reading this for the hotness of the male character and the way the pages steam up when he is angry. The heroine does go through some moments of angst and the hero can be quite cold sometimes but I guess that’s what makes the manga so popular with the female fans of the manga world.

Be honest now! You will love it!

Link: Midnight Secretary


You will have to sing up to download this manga

Link: Midnight Secretary

Till Then


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