$1 Reserve


Posting up some stuff to sell online, I was gonna dump all of this but I thought my junk would be someone else’s treasure.

Did I tell you I bought a piano from Joey and Wayne’s garage sale? I love it! I didn’t have a good look at it but I touched the keys, played a note or two and I was so taken with it that I bought it. I have a vague recollection that it is brown in colour and looked really old and abused. According to MOH it has a lot of ‘character’.

I also bought heaps of hair clips which are so pretty! Lucky I went there a day before the actually garage sale because according to Joey quite a few stuff got stolen. They had 4 people manning the garage but it wasn’t enough to stop the thieving. They did manage to catch one woman from shop lifting but that’s about it. Poor them L MOH dad asked Wayne “Why didn’t you stop them? Or call the police or something?”. “Aiyah, Uncle they were big black Maori men and I was the only guy. A bit hard to stop this right? I also was quite scared!” quipped Wayne .

Bwahahahahaahhaahahahahahha! I am so happy with my purchases.  OoOOO I can’t wait for the piano to arrive, it might be sent over this Thursday. I wanted to pick it up myself but according to Wayne the piano is really really heavy. Oh, it’s been ages since I touched the piano and even then I wasn’t very good. But just the thought of having a piano at home makes me smile. Music and having musical instruments in the house makes me happy. I grew up with music and entertaining people so I can definitely see having a household that is filled to the brim with music.

I am so broke now. BROKE. I am still contemplating on getting another puppy. We went to see one last Sunday and he was adorable. We did the puppy test on him and he passed with flying colours! So cute!!!! The puppy we want has this lazy air about him, like he is the chillax type of dog. Oh! But gosh that baby is gonna cost us a cool $750. The original price was $1000 but we told the owner that he was too expensive so he said $800.

Audrey texted the cina pek back: Oh are you able to lower the price to $600?

Cina pek (I kid you not he replied in capital letters ok, word for word  he replied): MATE, THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE, U WONT GET SAMOYED FOR $600. BEST I CAN DO IS $750. PLEASE ADVICE ME BY TODAY. THANKS.

“Impossible!” he said, I got my dog for $250 after her previous owners dumped her on a friend who was desperate. (ok la special circumstances but still! I hate it when people fling the word ‘impossible’ around the place like it was going out of fashion).


Oh! but boy oh boy the puppy was one cute cookie, I tell you. Like a little polar bear.


Till Then


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