Gokinjo Monagatari

Any fans of the manga NANA will know about Gokinjo Monagatari. I feel that this manga is sort of the manga to read before you get into another favourite of mine called ‘Paradise Kiss’.

If you like your manga to have artistic flair, funky fashion and good looking peeps (with heaps of individualism) you will like Gokinjo Monagatari. It’s a fabulous introduction to Ai Yazawa’s works if you have never heard or seen any of her works before. The story is roughly about a budding fashion designer and the going ons that happen within her close group of friends. Love found and lost and dreams made and broken. These are the type of themes that the mangaka brings up with a lot of humor, wit and some pretty insightful insight into the human psyche. It is over the top as all manga are but I have always love reading good manga as it captures in its pages the simple and basic human nature of love, lust, jealousy, anger, hate and forgiveness that is often overlooked or taken for granted in our ‘real’ everyday life.

Re-reading my summary I think it sounds pretty bias. Oh well, I am recommending mangas that I personally like.

Link: Gokinjo Monagatari


You will have to sign up to download the manga from here

Link: Gokinjo Monagatari

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