I’m so tired!

Was going to blog about how excited I am but am now just too tired. I had two guys come to have a look at the place and MOH and TB were like “No, no, no PLEASE! No more sausages in the house!”.  The two guys were brothers and they stayed for two hours and were not too keen on leaving us anytime soon. I have been messaging back and forth with another potential renter for the past two days and she suddenly announced that she thought we were the perfect place to bunk with and she will come down next week with her stuff! Wow, she doesn’t even want to have a look but I am uncomfortable about this as I would prefer to meet her and have a chat before the big move. She can’t come over and have a look see at the place and meet us as she is staying at Wanganui at the moment which is 6 hours drive from Auckland.

Came home from dinner today and I could barely recognize the place as TB had cleaned the kitchen and living area. He made two awesome desserts!!! It was wonderful I tell you! One was a dish made out of poppy seed, castor sugar, icing, bread and warm milk all mix together to make this big blob of goodness. The secodn dish was where he cut the croissant and stuffed a mixture of cottage cheese, lemon zest and icing together then baked it for about 20 minutes in the oven. It came out all golden and the cheese had melted it was just heavenly when I had my first bite.

Ah! two more weeks to the suprise!!! I am so excited!

Ok, I better go off now and have a chat with my family before I go to bed.

Farewell my fair readers and may your dreams be as light and fluffy as an oven baked croissant.


Till Then


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