That is the name of the girl who is interested in renting a room with us. I got her to go webcam with me yesterday and she seemed really young (21) and nice. She was all ready to come rent with us even thought she hasn’t met us and seen the rooms. We offered to let her stay with us for 3 days to get to know us before we let her move in with us. She seems really nice and is moving from Wanganui. I found out that she got a job as an extra assistant at Henderson Studios and wanted a place that was nearby to her workplace so that she could walk or bike to work.

So she was all gung ho to move in! I was ok with it but I kinda wanted her to meet us to make sure, you know what I mean? So TB had the bestest suggestion and ask her to stay with us first to see how it goes and she agreed. She is coming down on Friday as she is starting work soon (I think). TB has an air bed so she can sleep on that while she is here. Hope all goes well and she will be here when we hold a party to celebrate TB’s first official week here with us as roomies! Woo hoo, so far so good with the big man and hope for many more good memories and experiences to be made while he is here with us (fingers crossed).

Till Then

p/s love the videos sis but why are the videos shown sideways? fix it! gosh (rolls eyes)


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  1. Hope all goes well with Rainer staying at your place…is it her first time moving out of the house? Cross fingers it’ll work out well :).

    I found out that I can’t live with another person. Gawd, I think it’s because I have been staying at home too much. David is a handful enough lol

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