Eye opener

So there I was the organist for the wedding at S-ST and I learned alot from it even though there was more waiting then acting. I also realised that not all actors are very classy or professional. I saw someone floss his teeth in public, one who had several packets of gum and was chewing on it the whole time, another one wiping off armpit fluff, boob scratching (and I’m not talking about the slight push of the bra to ease the itch I’m talking about full on scratchosaurus coming out to play) and more. But hey, I wasn’t there to critique the actors I was there to be an extra and to pick up some acting tricks from the ‘pros’.

It didn’t stop with the actors even the extras were in on the onset action/rivalry. One of the extras was mouthing off to me about one of the girls (who was also an extra) and said that she was bit ‘up herself’. I didn’t really know the girl but from what I could see she was pretty nice enough so I wasn’t sure where this guy’s attack was coming from. Then while filming we had the ‘bride’ crying her eyes out all of a sudden and production had to stop while she tried to control herself. She continued on later at lunch time and had a full blown sob session with the guy who flossed his teeth holding her hand while another actress calmed her down. Weird.

All in all this experience has made me decided that being an extra is not the role for me. I think I should move on to commercials! Now I just need to figure out a way to get my agency to realise my superstar potential.

Till Then


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One response to “Eye opener

  1. i watch shortland st!! omg who’s getting married??? who was it that broke down?? spill LOL..

    i saw an asian girl on today’s episode and was thinking it would be so cool if i do see you in 1 of the episodes!

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