Samoyed Suprise!

As you can see from the title you can pretty much guess what my surprise is 🙂

We went to get our puppies last night and it was such a fun experience. MOH enjoyed himself so much and I invited Li Yang and Magnus to come. Li Yang was so excited and she kept asking what the suprise was. She guessed the right answer in the end but aren’t you glad I tortured you Li Yang? TB was not a happy house mate when he found out about the puppies, he was more upset with the fact that we did not tell him than the actual fact that we actually got the puppies. Oops! Anyhoo, he loves them now!

Please with much joy and happiness let me present to you Tatiana (Tati for short) and Murphy!

More photos soon 🙂

Murphy the man, I call him surfer dude cause he’s so chillax

Tatiana the princess. She’s a very fast learner.

Till Then



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3 responses to “Samoyed Suprise!

  1. liyang

    aiya ..I miss them already cant wait till Sat.

    I start taking driving class again so I can drive myself to your house whenver I can soon…Just for the puppies.

    • come you pay me and i teach you to drive i guarantee in 4 weeks you will be a driver ( I am not sure f you will be good or not) but you will definitely drive with more confidence.

  2. pay me in chocolate currency ya!

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