Paradise Kiss

oOooOO! This one is a goodie! Not really up there with Skip Beat but definitely a keeper.

This manga kept me afloat during my visits to Borders (while I was in between classes and waiting for the next class to start 3 hours later!).  You would find me huddled in a corner on the sofa sobbing my eyes out as I flicked through some of the more emotional scenes in the manga.

I love it! I love the randomness of some scenes; the storyline is sweet and dramatic, heaps of drama to keep a romantic addict like me entertained. But it also has it dark moments but it doesn’t really dampen the whole storyline.

To cut a long story short the manga is about a girl who is pressured to succeed academically but she finds herself struggling. She has a crush on a really cute school mate but finds it impossible to confess to him (Japanese are really into their ‘confessing scenes’ like they have to tell the person that they have a crush on that they like them and some mangas can spend a couple of pages just showing how the main character agonizes over this dilemma. Depending on how it is done it can be really entertaining or just plain irritating).Oops! I digress! Anyhoo, the heroine will soon find herself thrown from her staid boring existence into the arty farty world of 4 art students. I love the details on the characters outfit and can imagine myself wearing some of the crazy outfits. I like how Ai Yazawa (through all the crazy scenes and what not) she still manages to capture a lot of human emotion that I am able to relate to the scenes she sets (no matter how absurd they are).

I didn’t really like the ending…I….will not spoil it for you. Full of personality and self deprecating humor this is another highly recommended manga to start on.

You will have to sign up to download the manga.

Link: Paradise Kiss

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