F is For Friendship- final cut

Last Saturday night turn out to be a mini fiasco which grew and expanded into a rowdy night of fun and noise. We didn’t have enough food and drinks which I think is much better then having too much food and having to deal with leftovers.

Rainer arrived on Friday and she was looking forward to the party. She is a really nice girl and I like her outgoing personality. However, she did go missing around 11pm and I found her in her room sleeping! Apparently the poor girl was really tired. I am not sure how she manage to sleep with all the shouting and screaming but she did!

So yes, we had an unfortunate incident where TB’s mate (who was the only one in attendance) puked in poor Charles car. Eeew, if that happened to me I would be furious! Broken glass everywhere, people sitting on my front lawn having a picnic with several bottles of wine, people standing outside on the side lawn smoking and eating and just chatting about arty fartsy stuff, people banging away on the piano and strumming the guitar in the living room while the other side of the room groups were waiting for their turn on Rock Band. Puppies running around and 2 adult dogs placidly receiving the attention like royalty (Jo brought her beautiful Golden Retriever who did not take a liking to the rambunctious puppies) So yeah, I guess if liveliness was an indication of success than my party was highly successful!

I did not get to drink much which was good as I was feeling a little tired from having to play mum to two small pups. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. No photos yet but I will steal some from face book when someone decides to post it up.

One cringe worthy incident on the night of the party was when I was introducing Z (TB’s on and off gf) to Henry and so there I was in the middle;

“Henry please meet ………………………………………………………..”

-cue awkward silence and shattered expectations-

(You should have seen me! I was furiously trying to recall her name which was on the edge of my memory taunting me)

“Henry please meet TB’s Friend” then I turned to Z and said “This is Henry”.

Z shakes Henry’s name “Hi nice to meet you I’m Z… and your name is hard!” (I wasn’t sure what she was doing but she winked at me)

I did a nervous laugh and skulked off to another corner to hide my shame. Don’t you just hate it when you KNOW the persons name but when your about to introduce them to someone else the name eludes you? It boggles the mind in deed it does. That awkward scene is definitely one for the album.

So yes, MOH told Rainer last night that she was accepted into the Fleetwood fold so we now officially have 2 housemates. An adventure awaits this side of West Auckland . I say adventure as I did ask TB what he thought of Rainer and he was like “absolutely not! But don’t worry about me, you are the land lady” he said. It is a pity he doesn’t like her (he says she is too kiwi, I mean hello! We are in New Zealand ) but I really like her and so far me and her are able to gell pretty well and even MOH likes her. Sorry TB you got out voted.

Sunday was spent lounging at home till 11am then going off to the some grocery shopping and what not. You know boring old people stuff nothing to write to home about you know? Since everyone was at home we decided to play our newly acquired Monopoly World board game. Silly me ask Ferren if she was interested and she asked what time (this was about 3pm in the evening) so I said anytime. What I should have said was ‘anytime from now to 6pm’. You know la with Ferren time is but an infinitesimal matter that needs no reason to exist. She said they were going to come before dinner, then she said after dinner, then she said they will be there at 8pm. So 8 pmcame and said goodbye, 9pm arrived and had a laugh and 10pm came knocking on my front door with Ferren and her group of friends. I tell you, I was wishing them to perdition but MOH being the diplomatic person that he is ushered them with utmost courtesy and started playing Monopoly. They played the fast track version but it only ended at 1.30 in the morning.

So like any normal sane person you would try to be quiet as the rest of the housemates are sleeping no? Crazy Ferren and her gang were chatting in the kitchen while she was blowing her nose like a trumpet announcing the arrival of some royal pain the butt. Sigh, I have classy friends.

So that is my weekend in a nutshell la. How was yours?

Till Then



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4 responses to “F is For Friendship- final cut

  1. Hahaha! Ferren is gona kill you if she reads this 😛

  2. Hmmm *to tell Ferren or not to tell*

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