Great Teacher Onizuka

So far, I have been giving you romantic fluff to read so I will progress to the funnies!

This one is quite an old manga but I think the storyline is upbeat and fresh that it will be quite entertaining for many more years to come. If you like your jokes bawdy and sometimes a bit more to the crude side GTO is the manga for you. I laughed my ass off and liked the manga so much that I bough the animation and real life acting versions of the manga on DVD (best buy ever).

It’s about a reformed hooligan/gangster/motorcycle leader and his quest to become a great teacher. He deals with a lot of deliquents, intelligent students, bored students, abused students and angry school girls all bent on making high school a living hell for themselves and everyone around them. If you want to know what the Japanese men fetish is I personally think GTO hits it on the head on some of them but of course taken with a pinch of salt as it is only a manga after all.


Link: GTO

Till Then


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