Running up and down

Ahhh!!!! I haven’t been to the gym for the last 3 months and whatever muscle tone, weight loss I had previously has all gone down the drain.


It’s crazy!!!!


New video up! I love it! Not because I made it (well that too!) but because I manage to play a song that sounded ok without the help of Heroes of Newerth addicted MOH.


What has been happening? So far I have been pretty diligent in updating this blog but nothing much has happened lately hence the lack of updates. I am back with my steel pan band and we have a performance at Sky City on the 9th of December so if you are in the area do drop by and say hi.

The puppies are doing well, getting naughty but we have been teaching them some basic commands like sit, stay and down. They are doing pretty well with the ‘stay’ command. It really helps that they are hungry all the time! Unlike Claire who is one of the fussiest eaters I have ever seen in my canine experiences. It’s getting really warm now with Summer just around the corner. I dread this time as Claire had a bad time last year with the heat, I wonder how the puppies will cope. They don’t sleep in their crate anymore and can usually be found dozing in the bathroom as the tiles are cooler.

Murphy is getting bigger and bigger everyday! When we first got him he was 2.3kg compared to Tati’s 3kg. Now he looks much bigger than his sister. We are off to the vet on the 6th of December for their second jabs so we will know how much both of them weight now. I definitely can’t carry both of them together now. Claire is settling well, when she first met the puppies she was a bit frightened and not very comfortable being around them. Now she’s the play instigator bringing toys over to their pen and pushing the toys into their jaws asking them to play. I am so happy we made this decision to get some friends for her.

Now the hard part is how to stop them from mimicking her bad behavior e.g barking when excited, running after strangers and pretending deafness when something interesting catches her attention. Oh! Claire has gone through a course on obedience training. I learned heaps of tricks and hope to practice them on her and on the pups. For all her troubles she received a new toy and a certificate of completion. I am so happy!!! It’s like having kids but without the incessant crying. The puppies use to wake us up at 4am, 6am and 8am. Now they can sleep till 6am and MOH will bring them out for a wee and we will leave them outside their pen for a play with snowpuff till 8am. Before we get to work we will feed the puppies, brush them up good and leave them to snooze off their brekkie. Then one of us would go during our lunchtime and repeat the routine of the morning.

Puppies are so cute!!! Don’t you think so?


Till Then



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