My body aches and I can’t dance

So from 11.30am till 2.30pm I was in Auckland Music Theater learning the choreography for the La Vie Boheme scene. I can tell you now that whatever you see on tv where people audition for shows like ‘So you think you can dance’ and ‘American idol’ it is as hard and as nerve wracking as it seems. I was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy at the back of the studio and struggle heaps with the dance moves but somehow or rather I manage to maneuver myself through the gyrating bodies to end up closer to the dance instructor to see what the hell I was actually dancing to.

First we were put into two groups and then from that we cut into half and cordoned off into as Group A and Group B. Then after dancing for a couple of hours in a room where the air conditioning was not turned on and  the BO was at its maximum the artistic team of rent would call 8 of  us up at a time and we had to dance the moves that we  busted our asses of to learn and then have 4 sets of wild mind numbing freestyle. Now, let me tell you about this! I was one of the only groups to have the misfortune of having to do this 3 times! Since there was 10 of us instead of 8 they couldn’t really see all of us so they made us do it 3 times. I tell you…when you have been in a room full of sweaty people for the past 6 hours your not really into doing the same steps over and over  again in a row without a breather!

So far so good, but honestly I don’t think I will make it as I saw heaps of talented people and looking at the criteria that they want I don’t think my look will gell well with the predominantly caucasian cast (because about 87% of those auditioning for parts were caucasian youngsters and a smattering of vets who have been in other plays such as Cats and High School Musical). I have been slotted in for 11am where I will sing ‘Love of my life’ by Queen. My vocal range is that of an Alto and I think at the condition and level that I am in this song will probably help me get through the vocal part of the audition without looking like a numb nut. So it’s all good!

Will let you know how it went tommorow 🙂

Over and out from the musical theater actor wannabe

Till Then


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