So the end is here and it feels good

Just got back from the last leg of my audition and it went well if I do say so myself.

I did not:

  1. Arrive to the audition late and sweating like a pig
  2. Fall on my face the moment I got into the hall
  3. Bring the wrong music score with me
  4. Did not croak  or choke when I was singing

I am really glad I went through with this, pushing myself out of my comfort zone.  That was it! After taking a deep breath and letting them know how nervous I was and I let it rip. I surprised myself in that I did not croak but actually started really strong. After the second verse I breathe a huge sigh of relief which the director noted and ask the pianist to stop and that was the end of my turn. So it was all good. No regrets whatsoever, it was a good experience and I learned a few things and am gonna go and improve myself. First thing first vocal lessons are a must just so that I can actually control my breathing and move on to the tougher notes and get it seamlessly. I think I did a fair bit of shouting to compensate for the quietness of my voice but it’s all good.

I’m gonna pop some panadol and then crash as I can feel the fever and sore throat coming back since the adrenaline rush is disappearing.

Till Then


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