Just one of those days

It’s just one of those days where your body hurts and all you want to do is curl up in bed with your favorite book.

Work is a bit slow, but problems are many (most of them come from my own mistakes). But oh well, just keep on working and trucking on. It’s Tuesday and another two weeks to Christmas.

Christmas…I am getting a little bit sad that for the first time in my life I will not be in Malaysia having a party with the family back in KK. Bummer, I made this decision based on the fact that I will be seeing them soon (fingers crossed) and I would be saving some money by not travelling during peak season. The logic is there but the heart still hurts.

MOH had a little panic mode yesterday at lunchtime when one of the terrible twins started whimpering as soon as he got up. It didn’t help that the day before a spot of fresh blood was found on his side (after careful searching we couldn’t find out where the blood was from). The little snowpuff was whimpering and limping all over the place. We went back to work after making sure they were fed and they were starting to doze off when we left. When we came home after work the pup started running to greet us at the door, nary a whimper and his limp seemed to have magically gone! We’ll still bring the terrible twins to the vet just in case it’s something serious and their jabs are due anyway.

Will let you know how it went and if anything serious was found.

On a happier note with Christmas just around the corner and if you’re into shopping and love to browse online stores then this could be the place for you. She specializes in Japanese/Korean fashion and prides on bringing stock ahead of the season that means whatever you get from her you’ll be ahead of the style pack.

Check her out if you want to get some gifts, something to wear for the holidays or just have fun browsing.

Link: http://joyeewardrobes.wordpress.com/2009/12/

Happy shopping 

Right! After this I’ll have to head off to band practice for a corporate event tomorrow at Skycity. I’m not so keen to go now with me bleeding to death and it being so windy (kau tahu la kan the old saying ‘kalau ada haid jangan cuci rambut nanti badan masuk angin bah’). It’s been raining and it’s windy…all the more cause for me to skip practice and just lie in bed.

So lazy…

Speaking of lazy I was asked to do another extra role for Go Girls but I couldn’t make it only because I don’t think this is the right way for me to go about doing things. I should really enroll in some vocal and acting classes instead of playing around in my free time. Ugh, sakit belakang oh.

On the song writing front, my head is like a dried up well. All these funky tunes I have but I can’t get it out. The words don’t come out as easy and it’s not fun anymore all the songs are so EMO! Why!!! But on a funny note every time I try to sing in Malay right, I crack up laughing! Damn bida wei the songs! Will post one up just to make a fool of myself eh? I think the key here is that I am just pushing it, it should flow. I should just take a freaking chill pill.

Chill pill….hahahahahaahahahahahahahahhahahaahhaahah
I just had a flashback of me and my sister reenacting a scene from ‘white chicks’

“Oh my gawd! She.is.going.to.have.a BF!”
“What is a BF???”
“Bitch Fit! Duh~”

“Your mama’s so fat it looked like DON KING came out of her ass” “Only in America!”

…Or something to those lines.

Random note: What is up with fried milk??? I love it and yet I hate it. It’s like too much a good thing. How can something so good be so baaaaaAaaaaad for you.

Till Then,

p/s can you feel how lazy I am to go to this practice…I’m starting to type nonsense and hesitating to press the ‘post it’ button. LAZY!!!


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