Pyscho babble and more

Good morning,

There is something wrong with the time on this blog and am not sure how to fix it. Anyone have any ideas?

So, last night Caribbeanz Steel Pans performed at a corporate event and it was such a beautiful day. We were situated at the edge of the swimming pool and the view was just fantastic. I am not sure what floor we were on but it was pretty high up. On our left was the port and on the right was an amazing view of the city at dusk. We played for two hours and then adjourn to have dinner at the restaurant downstairs. Food was so-so and I had a pumpkin ricotta ravioli which did not inspire a choir of angels singing overhead as I chewed my food. However, the dessert perked my interest when I saw it on the menu so I ordered it. Chocolate cake immersed in plum soup, some sort of berry jelly cut in cubes with infused plum surrounded the cake and topped off with a dollop of cream. It was interesting the plum soup was quite nice but I was not too keen on having the texture of the cake and cream interfere with the clear, sweet but slightly tangy taste of the soup.

Went home late and tired but manage to have a round of gossip with MOH which is unusual as the man is tight lipped when it comes to gossiping. I came home and saw a fantastic announcement in my email! I will wait for the lady herself to announce it before I mention anything here. Congratulations Sweets! What a wonderful way to do it, D your the man!

Wrote to a contact (courtesy of Darren, thank you!) at Astro hitz who told me they were having an audition and ask me if I could make it. The audition is/was on Tuesday. I am not sure as he sent me the email on Monday and I was only able to check my emails on Wednesday so looking at my knowledge of the days in a week Tuesday has come, waved goodbye and disappeared into the week. Aiks! Passed already kah? So I told the guy la kan, just keep my contact details for this talent pool and let me know if there are any gigs coming up. I gave a short Me! Me! Me! biography. I hate doing this sort of thing self promotion always makes me feel like an ass.

Had a conversation last night with a contact for a spot on TV3 in Malaysia. Pity that I am in Auckland at the moment and he seemed quite interested to let me have a go and do a mock run to see if the ‘camera loves me’. I got some good tips and he did say that their doors are kinda open to people who want to try their luck. They just have to meet some criteria’s which were:

Can speak Malay and English fluently
Look presentable
Look good on camera
Be comfortable in front of the camera (apparently this was high on his list)

Well, it seems pretty simple enough, I am sure there is more to the selection process but I guess these are the basics. The interesting thing here is that I got his contact from an email sent to me by MOH ex girlfriend. How random is that? When I saw her name on the email I was a bit hesitant as the day for me was going well (so well that halfway laughing at a joke your colleague made, your thinking ‘Wait a minute! Today has been really nice I wonder why??? Is shit going to hit the fan soon and bomb me from out of the shadows?). I took a deep breath, click on the intriguing piece of internet goodness and saw that she knows someone who is looking for a host who can speak Malay and English and was wondering if I was interested.

Random AND nice!

Of course I was interested and in her second email was the email address. I was going all gung ho when I realized that I skipped the part where she said ‘Chinese host wanted who can speak Malay and English”. I thought “Damn! I look Chinese but I can’t speak the language unless I am dying of hunger and thirst even then it would be like one character at a time like, ‘MAN TAU!’,‘SUI!’, ‘KWAY TEOW!’ is that even Chinese?) I can definitely speak English and Malay and at the same time! “Kak, satu lemon tea ais dengan apa tu….you know…ah! ayam goreng tiga stick ya”. Ok, sorry I digressed. So I wrote back to her and said that I couldn’t speak Chinese and she said it doesn’t matter. Jackpot! So yes, an email from MOH ex lady friend a nice email at that, halfway writing to her contact I was thinking “This could be a punked moment that she has been waiting for and I’m following through with it like a well trained orang utan”. “Ah! Feck it”. Along the way I felt compelled to keep her updated with my progress. Don’t ask me why la! I don’t know why I just feel like I have to and want to.

For you to understand this a little bit more, I guess I got into blogging because of her. Before I met MOH, my life consisted of sports, music and books. Computers and the internet was never in the equation that made me, me. So when MOH went through his nasty break up I would stalk the ex everyday so what ended up as a need to know if she has been talking smack about MOH and me turned into a genuine interest in her life, her thoughts and her opinions on everyday things. It came to a point where even if she did write smack about us I wouldn’t have really cared. She knew I was stalking her and I knew she knew and it was all ok until I made a comment one day (I can’t remember what it was) on her blog and I received a long email from her which essentially said to leave her alone. So I did. Simple as that, like a light switched off. But in truth I really did enjoy her wit and bouts of narcissism so I would visit her blog once in awhile. So, hmmm…not sure where this is going it just all came out as I was typing this. Oh yes! So, I enjoyed her blog so much that I thought ‘Heck I should try to have one as well and see how it goes’ and here I am today 5 years later. Weird.

Re-reading this makes me look like a stalker but in truth I was! The whole thing about internet, blogs, photos online and forums were all so new to me and she was like the first person I knew who kept an online journal and I thought that was fascinating. Granted we didn’t like each other but that didn’t stop me from admiring what she has done. It was also a little scary how one can access another persons online life so easily. Click.

So enough gossip and soul sharing for the day! All in all good things have been happening, made a few baby steps and it looks like the climb up is gonna be a long one folks. I just thought to share with you what has been happening to me during the past two weeks and I ended up having some psycho babble in the mix as well. If it doesn’t make sense don’t worry about it too much as I still don’t understand it myself. I’m just going to take it with both hands, give thanks and hugs profusely for the help and see where this takes me.

Till Then



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  2. oh yea. UTC time or whatever it’s called it’s some weather time thing. I mean c’mon who the hell really uses that? They go by some time in Greenwich. I actually had to google what UTC time was. I took me a few minutes to figure it out. I found a link on the time changes…here it is. You have to find what time zone your in and then use the UTC drop menu thingy on your settings and click on plus or minus what ever time. I live in EST and I had to click on -5.

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