I had so much fun today!

Woke up late today with a slight headache after attending Alice’s graduation party last night. I had so much fun! we played the dice game and chugged beer the whole night.

This was taken before we left to have a HUGE supper.

Left click to see a bigger photo

So yes, woke up late today. I did some chores and Rainer came to accompany me then later in the evening Meizi came over for to learn the guitar and just have a good run on the guitars. It was a really lazy Sunday and we were all chillax.

After dinner was when the fun started. I played a song I just written, Meizi went to the piano and started playing a melody, then MOH came over and started playing on his electric guitar and suddenlly the song came to life. I am so happy! The sound is not that fantastic but the feeling it gives me is just pure happiness. To be able to finish a song I wrote with the help of friends is just so cool to me. I dragged Rainer from the room and forced her to play the tambourine for me. She was so reluctant but nice enough to stay. I think for the first few takes she was really nervous and halfway through she said ‘I quit!’ and started putting the tambourine into it’s box. we manage to persuade her to stay and she did! So we recorded a couple of sessions and they were all just pure fun. The first video is the funniest but I think i’ll be nice and show the last and one where everyone is behaving themselves.

Enjoy! The song is called ‘Lies’ and I wrote it based on my sisters life and her friends or should we say ‘frenemies’?

Yes, the piano is out of tune but it does add a certain charm to the song doesn’t it?

Lyrics on my youtube, I can’t seem to post it here on word press properly.

Till Then


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  1. I really loved reading this post. To be truthful, I’m discovering more about playing the guitar from your website, then I’ve ever did from any training DVD set I’ve bought over the past few months. Hope it’s ok that I share this post on Mixx?

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