Hello! Yes, Hello you :)

Skipped band practice yesterday as I was not in the mood to be in a room full of metal instruments and the incessant banging of the bass drums.

Meizi was suppose to come over tonight but no such luck since she has been brought down with a bad case of sore throat and fever. I did half day at work and the other half was spent waiting around at a reserve as an extra for Y0gi Bear the movie. Most of the time we were either waiting in the marquee or in the old school jeeps the production team had hired for the shoot. I got to meet pretty interesting people today which made the day bearable. I do wonder at how thorough the film crew can be. I mean they were pretty anal about my pants “Navy blue will register as black so you will have to change” said the stylist. So I changed into the ugliest shorts that I have ever seen and proceeded to spend the whole time in a car which meant that I didn’t get much air time  much less get to show off the ugly shorts. Bleh. I really do believe that to become a movie extra one must really  love the movie industry.

By the way, I wrote a fun song last night and  hopefully it will come out ok after I practice a bit and nut out the lyrics.I do love listening to my songs over and over again. I like looking for mistakes, and just being in awe that I actually recorded the song and posted it up. Most of the time I am the ‘just do it’ type of person, only after completing the task do I step back and think ‘wh at the hell was I doing’? After I post my songs up do I realise th at my singing isn’t as fantastic as I thought it was, the guitar playing is pretty mediocre and bad at times and the lyrics aren’t all th at great . But oh well, since it’s up I’ll leave it there. Meh. Oh well, Christmas is coming and for the first time since I have been here in Auckland I will not be going back to Malaysia to celebrate the festive holidays with my family. I am quite sad about it and it is making me a bit melancholy but oh well, one more decision I have to live with.

So to stop myself from feeling sorry for myself I have organized a party on the 24th with the whole she-bang of fairy lights, egg nog ( I have no idea how to make this), decorating Christmas cookies with chocolate chips and all those sinful toppings. I have also organized a mini golf tournament at a mini at ure golf course around my area which is only 5 minutes away. I am getting so excited and I hope it turns out ok and will be as fun as I imagine it would be. We will be having a ‘secret santa’ session and I reckon some people will forget so I have created a punishment which I call ‘The dance of failures’ I can’t wait to buy the props and choose the music for this!

I miss my family…don’t dwell on it!

Season Greetings and have a Happy New Year From the Chin-Chongs! (ha ha ah aha ha geddit? Chin-Chongs!)

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Till Then


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