Canine love

Brought the terrible twins and Snowpuff to the vet yesterday amidst a scare th at they had some terrifying disease th at would take them from us.

All three dogs have been sneezing their heads off so I thought I should just google to see if dogs could really have colds. Wh at I found was the mother of all colds. Continuous sneezing is one of the signs for distemper and in puppies it could lead de at h.


Went to the vet all frantic but we came out ok (and I mean the humans not the dogs). They stuck a meter up their butts to assess if they had fever (the canines ya, just in case your wondering) and all 3 was clear of it but the puppies did have a terrible sore thro at while Claire’s was inflamed but not as bad as the terrible twins. The vet told us it was a virus and they are ok but once they lose their appetite we have to get bring them back. Hmm, no worries in th at department both puppies e at a lot! Just to help you understand this we brought the puppies to get their jabs last Friday and they weigh 6.8 and 6.3kg respectively now the male is 7.1 + the female is 6.8= growing puppies yo! Thank goodness and God bless.

Some puppy goodness to share with you on a Friday.

The entry above was what  was suppose to share with you the moment I got home except that it is now 2.04am. Rainer came into the room just as MOH left to have dinner with the family unit. We chatted for over an hour and then she made me dinner (aww!) then we chatted some more. We fell asleep and when I woke up it was already 1.30am! There goes my Friday but having said that I feel pretty damn good now!

Till Then


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