Avatar the movie

Guy, now words can’t describe the emotions that this movie has evoked in me as I watched it with my eyes wide open and my mouth gaping like a fish as I am assaulted by the visuals, the characters and the storyline. Granted the script was not that fantastic but the acting and visuals made up for it in truck fulls. Everytime I looked at the Na’Vi I am reminded of home and the Pandora jungle reminds me of Borneo and the countless times I have trekked in it with my father and grandfather. It creates a sense of awe that although my ancestors might not have lived so grandly or worshipped and thanked the earth as beautifully as they did in the film. They did live on what the earth gave them and had rituals to give thanks and only took as much as they needed.  It make me feel that in times like this humans should try harder to integrate the life of the earth into our lives. We want too much, take too much and give too little.

Technology and mother earth together, I’m not sure how that works but I think in order for us to survive and leave this beautiful place intact for our childrens childrens childrens childrens children then we need to work now to make it a reality.

I love the movie!!! I can’t explain, I really can’t! It’s so good that it makes me want to be a tree hugging Alien. Hobos and Greenpeace mixed into one blue gooey goodness with a dash of extraterrestrial/human love.

I got this from the official website of Avatar

If you haven’t watched it, please do if only to gawk at the amount of time it must have taken to make the awesomeness that is Avatar.

Now a friendly community service sign up to say no coal plants in Sabah

Link: http://www.wwf.org.my/?9940/Sign-Up-And-Say-No-to-Coal-Plants-in-Sabah

Till Then



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7 responses to “Avatar the movie

  1. Channing

    avatar was a heart pumping movie . i was huge fan of Titanic movie. i watched it twice or thrice. James Cameron is a hero in my life. i adore him very much. his avatar movie is the best 3D movie for ever. no doubt this will nominate to Oscar.

  2. Ninie Ahmad

    Hi Audrey,

    Thanks for leaving a wonderfully simple, I mean.. SIMPLY WONDERFUL comment in my humble blog.

    Upon returning the visit to yours, I was just struck seeing my blog listed in your ‘When in doubt’ along with fabulous bloggers! You just made my day, if not my year.

    Your site is highly entertaining (err, too?)! Thank you again and may you have a wonderful rest of 2009 ahead.

  3. hell yeah it was AWESOME to the MAXXXXX!!!
    LOVE IT!!! BRILLIANT movie.
    i still can’t get over it.

  4. liyang

    The first thing Magnus said after we walked out the cinema is that there will be lots of tree huggers after Avatar..it is really cool I agree. I think there are lots of ideas are actually quite smiliar with the Asian Mythology …dragons etc…

    • I think the movie took alot of ideas from various ingenious tribes cultures from all over world, mixed it up and added a whole lot of Cameron goodness. It also had the feel of Red Indians and their way of life, it helped that the Na’Vi leader was voiced a by an actor who had Cherokee blood in him (if i am not mistaken).

  5. Just wanted to give you a shout from the valley of the sun, great information. Much appreciated.

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