End of the Year

Hi All!

How was your Christmas holidays? I am sure some of you are at work right this minute while the lucky few are at home chilling out till the New Year. I have to say that I am one of those lucky bastards who get to just laze about at home and only have to worry about what to cook for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Going back to work on the 11th of January so I am gonna make sure I will make use of this holiday kaw-kaw. By the way I was looking through the photos and I have realised that whatever progress I made in the gym in the last 2 months have all gone down the drain. I have to start from scratch (plus a bit more since I look much more gorgay than the last time).

Gorgay= Gorgeous (my mum LOVES to use it)

As you know I organised a party on the 24th and it was a really quiet night in. We had pot luck at my place, baked cookies and made egg nog which taste like rum and raisin (is it suppose to?). We then went to miniature golf which theme was Transylvania and used Vlad the conqueror as their base. That was fun, everything was glow in the dark! I had so much fun and was a got a little carried away with the competitiveness. Then we got back home to open the presents we bought for the secret santa.  Just in case you don’t know what secret Santa is (I didn’t know about it until  I came to New Zealand). Secret Santa is an exchanging of gifts where no one knows who the giver is la. Like that la. Ok kah I explain? Google it if I have failed. Anyhoo, before we opened our gifts I made Lawrence and little Lawrence do the dance of failures for failing to bring a gift. Wah I tell you, the amount of work I had to do I might as well have dance the dance myself!

Video below:


Wilfred, Li Chen and Bobby rocking it out during dinner

Inside the miniature golf course without flash

Inside the miniature golf course with flash

A house that has been brightly decked out with colourful Christmas decorations.

Closer view

Scrumptious butter cookies courtesy of Debbie.

So! That was the party on the 24th of December. After that all we did was stay at home and prepare for our big fishing trip on the 28th of January.  This trip was alot of fun and we manage to get 3 over 20kg Hapukas. Pretty good effort from MOH, Ferren and Mitch. I have to add that Mitch was almost half dead when he brought his in while Ferren didn’t even break a sweat when she reeled in her big puka. Although she did whine in pain a couple of times. All good fun!

So we woke up late at 4.30am and left the house before 5am, we were all suppose to meet up at Mitch place by 5.10am but tidak jadi. Then we drove to Whangarei (up north and takes about 2 hours) then another 20 minutes to the marina. Waited awhile as the skipper hadn’t arrived yet then when he did we packed our gear onto the boat, dilly dallied abit then off we went into the blue yonder. It was a 45 minute boat ride through calm waters. The sea changed colours as we went out further from light blue, dark blue, turqoise then dark dark green then back to dark midnight blue. I fell asleep standing up with my head wobbling back and forth like a balloon bobbing along the waters. I had a good dream during that short sleep and will action on it once I have all my stuff sorted. I won’t tell you what my dream was about but I can tell you one part of it had Mac and the rest catching good size kingy’s that day.

So we stopped at spot where there was heaps of birds (a good sign) and the we proceeded to jig, quite a few bleh moments since all we caught most of the time was Barracudas. In case you didn’t know the worse fish you could get is a Barracuda. Not nice to eat and it  has worms in its flesh since it doesn’t have scales to protect itself. It doesn’t help that the beastly things look like aquatic snakes with dinosaur like razors and spikes. Then it all changed when I caught a Trevally with my soft bait (I hate jigging, its too hard for me and my arms are too flabby for that kind of exercise). Everyone was still either not catching anything or getting the cudas. I upped my Trevally with a good size snapper and everyone else watch in awe and might I say envy? BWahahaahahahahahahahahahahah

BUt then they got the last laugh cause after we changed our rig to Hapuka rig and went on to find the elusive fish MOH proceeded to break my puny record with a 26kg Hapuka! I tell you seeing that fish come out of the water was quite intimidating la. Makes you think twice about going out swimming in the sea. Mitch cannot tahan so he took a rod baited it up and took MOH spot and caught one for himself and so fast so more! Not much waiting time. Mitch had a hard time bringing the beast up about 10-15 minutes. He took so long that the skipper lost patience and shouted “reel it in man! at the rate your going the cudas are going to get it and we will be fucked!” and continued on in that fashion until poor Mitch finally got the bugger on teh boat. He could barely lift his arms so MOH help him carry the fish to have a picture. Wah! So Ferren was watchign this on the sidelines and she also cannot tahan la! So she took the rod that Mitch used and proceeded the bait the damn thing herself (this is an achievement since she always ask someone else to do it or has to use a cloth when she cuts the bait so she doesnt touch it…this one…sigh). So she took the same spot where Mitch and MOH was and threw the bait in, the skipper help her tighten the line as its made out of nylon and it gets loose pretty easily. While he was doing this he got a bite and passed it to Ferren and man that was even shorter wait time then Mitch! But the girl had to work for her fish la I tell you. Slowly but surely she pulled then reeled, pull then reeled and did that until the fish gave up and let it be brought up to the surface. Funny thing is Ferren did it faster then Mitch! Tsk tsk in the man’s defence he said his left arm was already feeling funny when he was jigging as he is not use to having the reel on the left side. Sure Mitch, sure.

Me and Mac tried la for the puka but to no avail. ><  Eh the three farkers make it seem easy but actually your damn lucky if you get one Hapuka in a fishing trip ok! So imagine our shock when we got not one but three to bring home and gloat. By the way, we  fried a part of the fish with black bean, steamed it another part and pan fried the rest (and this is only one fish!) and it is the most delicious thing ever the flesh was so sweet and tender.

Ok la enough writing! Photos!

The team before we sailed off into the sunrise

I was pretty darn smug about this until they caught what they did below

Biggest catch of the day by MOH

Mitch and his catch and looking exhausted

Ferren and her fish

After fishing the skipper brought us around the marine reserve and we explored a few holes in teh rock and the cave (pictured above).

According to Mac this is the first time he has been here and he has been fishing with this skipper for awhile now.

His theory is that it must have been because there were girls on the boat 🙂

The catch(s) of the day!

Ferren had sunburn in the most unlikely place

Till Then


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