Ushering the New Year at Alice’s

Wah so fast time pass wei! It’s already 1st of January 2010! Went over to Alice place last night and we played a couple of simple games to pass the time while waiting for the fireworks to start. Alice apartment was the perfect spot to be in to usher in the new year. We had the best seats for the fireworks, the city skyline and the beautiful full moon that came out to play that night.

I hope you manage to celebrate new years with friends and loved ones close by. My family back in KK went to the beach ok! I am sure they made banana boats, put candles in them, lighted it and push them off into sea hoping and praying for a better and safer new year. My first activity for the new year was to play Cranium till 4am in the morning. I hope this means I started the year intelligently. So what is it this year? The year of the Tiger is it?

Before heading off to Alice place we went to visit Evon and Tim as they had a big bbq session with fireworks. We had to forgo the fireworks but manage to fill ourself up with really good home cook food. Tim is a really good cook. We also manage to have a play with their new puppy (Bull mastiff) aptly called Duchess. Her eyes are so big and her paws are huge! We also met up with Hwei Ling, Peter and their baby girl Keira. Aiyoh! So pretty!!!!

Duchess the Mastiff

Tim and Evon built this deck and it is so well done!

Cook of the day

Baby Keira and daddy

Alice and friends 🙂

Ring of death

The view outside Alice balcony

(left click to view larger size)

Last but not least a video of us looking and admiring the fireworks. It’s out of focus for a couple of frames but then its focuses in. Excuse the loud noises, there drunks aplenty that night.

Till Then

p/s I just saw the video and my skin looks so bad 😦


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