Praise the Lord

The beloved family members have been found!

I was crying in my sleep last night and dreamed that I found them sleeping under a bush in a glade where we use to play with Claire when she was a puppy. Woke up smiling only to realise it was a dream.

Found the dogs at animal welfare! Someone must have called them and they picked up the pets. They are ok, a little bit sore but have now been micro chipped and registered. We are $$$ poor now but so happy and thankful that they are well and alive.

Till Then



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2 responses to “Praise the Lord

  1. liyang

    i called you too many times that I felt like a stalker. Anyway very interested in the full story. I am sitting in the almost empty office feeling super bored …so are you guys thinking about updating the fences now? How did they get out?

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