Sat under the sun, went into a crowd and got hit with a bottle

So there I was standing on the fringe of a small crowd waving their hands in the air like they just don’t care while  the popular band Midnight Youth were performing.  I was getting into it when suddenly something bounced off my head with a loud thunk causing me to be disoriented for a moment and scaring the hell out of the small family standing behind me who saw the whole thing. Apparently, a beer bottle fell from the heavens and landed on my head, hard.

All good though since I didn’t get hurt and  actually the best  thing about it is that it might have set my jaw back cause it was aching and wouldn’t close properly a few minutes before that. Awesomeness! It was a beautiful day today and perfect location to host the Coca Cola Bands on the beach tours.

Link: Coca Cola Bands on the beach tours

The supporting act was Ivy Lies and I loved them especially the drummer, she looked hot and was blistering on the drums. Check out the short video below the sound might be too loud and I got to be right in the front when they were performing. Please excuse the dirty lens 🙂

I will definitely keep a look out on this band and see how far they progress in the NZ music scene.

So we spent the whole day lazing around and waiting for Midnight Youth to get on stage. Diligently slapped on some protection from the rays and I am happy to report that there is no sign of any sunburn (woot woot!).  While me and the gang were roasting MOH went to play Volleyball and beach soccer and after the bands finished performing we went off to the beach, pitched a tent and dived into the cooling waters. Waves were fun to play in but the rip was strong, Piha is famous for pulling people underwater and when you surface you find yourself in the middle of the ocean. This doesn’t stop people from coming in droves to just chill at the beach  hence keeping the life guards really busy in the summer time. With so much happenings and drama all over the place there is a reality show here based on the life guards and what they do best-saving lives.

I enjoyed the day so much it was pretty fantastic. The event was held at beautiful part of Auckland and while the bands were playing they turned on the bubble machine and sprayed water in the air, it cemented the fact that summer is finally here.

Music lovers lazing in the sun

More photos soon once I get them off  Li Yang.

Till Then


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