Poor workmanship means more $$$ down the drain

The good news is that my last fishing trip was a success with MOH catching another hapuka but smaller in size about 15kg.

The chick caught a 16kg Hapuka and she was huffing and puffing but she manage to land her first Puka relatively easy.

Quite a sizeable shark that MOH manage to get but we let it go. We have no idea how to eat shark.

On the way back we saw this. Now my only question is how dirty is dirty?

The bad news is that last Friday we woke up to a crashing sound and found this in the guest toilet.

We got a handyman in and he found out that the shower cubicles were not set up properly. It was not screwed/attached to any solid wood at the wall hence it has been pulling off from the wall.  The glass in the front has been put under alot of pressure and it just exploded after awhile. -_- Great. We asked him to check our ensuite and found out that it had the same problem. Now both toilets have been fixed and our empty wallets can attest to that. I told Li Yang and she said according to Chinese superstition if you break a glass in the New Year it symbolises good luck for the rest of the year. Well it better be huge considering the size of the glass panel that has been broken. Oh! I also broke a glass today at work so I might have doubled my good luck for the year?

By the way how was your New Year?

Till Then



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2 responses to “Poor workmanship means more $$$ down the drain

  1. liyang

    try to break something elase, triple the luck!

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