Whining again and again

Ahh! I like to whine don’t I?

Sigh, I hate it when I give in to this bouts of  ‘Poor me! Poor me!’. I am ok and I am just trying to rush things but I will take it slow and easy and go for the ride. I really need to just chill and take time to look outside and enjoy the view.

So, a few projects lined up and am waiting to see if I actually do anything about it. I think I will definitely get T-Man to move out. We haven’t had massive outs with the big man but all the little things seem to be piling up and I am kind of tired asking him to do things. I mean your 30 years old for goodness sake act like it! One of the incidents is when we came home early from work yesterday and I went to use the guest toilet. The fan was going and the toilet reeked of smoke. The night before Rainer found a cigarette butt in the toilet. So I asked him yesterday when he came home from work if he had smoked in the toilet and he said “Oh why do you ask that?” (in a really annoying condescending whatcha gonna do about it voice) and I said “Oh nothing cause I found a cigarette butt in the toilet bowl”. He had a confused look on his face, (Oh ho! This farker is gonna lie) and he said “Oh that! I was chatting outside the toilet and I didn’t know where to throw it so I chucked it into the toilet bowl from the window”. I smiled sweetly and went “Oh is it? Ok then” he continued on babbling but I just went “Ya, ya that’s fine then”.

What I really wanted to say was “So why the hell can I smell  of smoke in the toilet you dumb ass?, “Do I look stupid to you????”. He never smokes outside the toilet that would mean he would have to walk through the garage. Unlock the side door and step outside, walk about 10 steps and then end up behind the toilet. Now this is coming from a guy who is so lazy that he rather open the garage door then go to the entrance and smoke outside. I didn’t even mention the smoke smell cause he keeps saying how ‘blunt’ and ‘straight forward’ he was so I wasn’t expecting anything less from him. I have come to realise that he is the only one allowed to be ‘blunt’ and ‘straight forward’ while everyone else has to pretend that everything is hunky dory. Again I think this is my fault la, I was too nice to him when he moved in and maybe in his head that meant stupid

T-Mans thought

Chinese girl +extremely nice and accommodating= walk over

So now as I am writing this I am also writing a letter to ask him to move the fark out.

Till Then.

p/s MOH is worried that he might poison the dogs or something. Oh well, if he was that kind of person even more reason to send him off his merry way.

pp/s: Came home today and Rainer whispered that T-Man is moving out something to do with work and distance from work. Ha! So I don’t even have to ask him to leave now since he is doing it himself.



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4 responses to “Whining again and again

  1. liyang

    Sweet !!! Drama drama.. Hummm he should know first of all you ain’t Chinese, Secondly –its harder to walk over you than the harbour bridge.

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