Sex, affairs and staying together

I had a really interesting conversation with Camille tonight while she was driving me home from band practice. She was telling me about a documentary she saw last night on women and their views on sex. How times have changed and women are now more open about their sexuality. One of the ladies in the show has had 350 sexual partners in her life time and I went ‘Dayum!’ BUT Camille stopped me and said the lady said that wasn’t alot as that means she has only had 2 man a month for the past 20 years. So when you break it down like that it kinda makes sense and takes away the eew part of the story.

Then Camille went on to tell me that most of her friends are either divorce or married and if they are married most of them have had an affair. She feels that society has a wrong view of women and sex. That women have been portrayed to lose their sexual drive when they hit a certain age and to her it’s all lies. Women have a high sexual drive and if they are not interested in it means two things, she is pretty damn good at suppressing it or she’s bored of her husband or partner. Most women in her company who are married have had affairs but that does not mean they have stopped loving their husbands it’s just that they have lost interest in sleeping with them. One funny thing she said was that men get caught having affairs is because they are not as good in covering their tracks as women.

She asked me what would I do if  MOH went out of line. I told her it really depends on how I am feeling when I find out. I would either break up with him immediately or forgive him and continue to stay with him.  She took that answer and elaborate that she doesn’t think cheating should be the end all for most relationships. How can one deny and break off the years one has spent together  with the other person. However, she did mention that there would be no point in continuing the relationship if  you find that the other person cannot change and will continue doing it.  It left me wondering abit and to be honest left me worried. I don’t want to make this relationship permanent if we are just going to end up straying and hurting each other but on the other hand not putting enough trust into this relationship means I am not respecting this relationship enough and told Camille what i thought. She just nodded and said that this conversation should not be used as an excuse to not move forward. It’s only an indication of what is currently happening out there. That in this times women and sex and their approach to it has changed tremendously and men need to understand that.

We veered off to other topics such as how one should have as many partners or boyfriends as one can have just to know what is out there but there is no shame in finding the right one after your second relationship. She said I am not missing out on anything just because I have had only two relationships so far. It’s not the quantity but the quality. Having said that because of her past relationships (which goes up to more than one hand) she has learned from them and has not regretted any of them. So it kinda makes me feel better as I have thought about it and have felt that I might have stunted the growth of myself by attaching myself to a long term relationship instead of ‘playing the field’. Camille just laughed and wished me goodnight as we had arrived at my place.

I don’t know why I am writing this down, maybe I just thought that this is something that you could relate to as well or find it interesting.

Till Then


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  1. Well, I find it interesting 🙂

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