This is the year of action!

Haiya! Haiya! Haiya!

OOooO can you feel the blood pumping and the adrenaline rushing….can you feel my stupidity. I can’t believe I just type out what I did.

Os this is the year I have to do something, anything! I am going to turn 26 this year and I’m telling you the area I want to delve in won’t look kindly to an old looking new comer. I mean if I was beautiful with a body to die for maybe the age thing wouldn’t be such a problem. But I think to get my foot in I have to look my best and look fresh! When I looked in the mirror this morning I look anything but fresh! Gosh, is that me I see? Where is my 18 year old dewy skin, my kissable lips are now think and drawn is that crows feet I see from too much squinting with my badly fixed glasses? My teeth when did they get so yellow. Oh my goodness, have I passed the prime time of my youth? The cherry spring of my life? Am I now going downhill from here?


Ok, I got that out of my system. It’s been bugging me and now I feel…so much better.

So this is the year that I am making my move, like an important chess game where winner takes all. I have all my plans laid out and my strategies all planned out. Did I tell you I have never won a chess game against my brother? Ever. So does this mean I am doomed even before I start?

Ugh. Let’s not think about it. I find that I live a much happier life when I take note that I have a chance of failing and then move on totally ignoring it and proceed full steam ahead. I have several plans and goals but I think since my time in Malaysia is short (will be even shorter if I cannot find any work) I have cut my goals into 5 BIG goals.

    1. My mother is retiring or wants to be semi retired.  So I have spoken to her and we are both thinking of starting a company together when I get back and she will manage it when I am gone. It’s going to be an event management company. Very niche and boutique and for a select few clientele only (hahaahahahahha I just wanted to say that and make it sound Oh –so POSH)
    2. Start a small production on the Borneo myths and tradition. I have the business plan ready just need to get a grant and a  small team.
    3. Get on tv (main role/host)
    4. Get on 3 popular magazine covers/feature
    5. Get one advertisement

            Wow, this took a lot of guts to write down and I tell you why. I hate failing and if I fail I will have to write it down here in this wee blog and what I hate more than failing is failing and everyone else knows that I had failed. I am proud and I have a big ego so yeah, there you go. This are the same traits that will help me get up when I fall flat on my face and the same bad traits that will make me sweat blood before I accept any help from people withouth first thinking that I can repay it. I hate owing people, but I think at the same time the way I think can also be construed as an insult to someone who is giving me a helping hand. I just confuse myself all the time.

            Only thing stopping me now from hopping on a plane and going loco is money, the moolahs, the $$$, the ka chings!

            *side note…I have no idea what is wrong with me. I am just getting really hyper. It must have been that one tall glass of milk topped with 4 tablespoons of milo that is making me act all psycho.

            Anyhoo, below was my rough plan to get some moolah

            Moon lighting as a street walker

            Sex Phone

            Sell MOH virginity on the night market

            Sell some vital organs

            Ok la the list above is when I am desperate la ok. But I think MOH would fetch quite a good sum. Ok! Serious! No  I am serious!

              1. Snowpuff is on heat so we might mate her with a local breeder here and if it successful we can sell her puppies and the proceeds can to my bank account
              2. Create a cd of all the songs I wrote and 2-3 cover songs) and get a group of friends to play various instruments for free. Well, they are getting home made curry and beer for their efforts. Then sell the said cd to friends and family for an exorbitant amount
              3. Sell my beloved books on Trademe. Sold one yesterday, woot! Woot!
              4. Delve back into art and crafts and see what I can make to sell
              5. Get a part time job at the local Cinema
              6. Hide my credit card
              7. Do not go on any shopping spree for the next 4 months
              8. Stop indulging one self on books, chocolate and cookies
              9. No more fishing trips
              10. Get two more renters (we have 4 rooms and one has been taken while Tibor is moving out tomorrow).

                                You know what would make this easy? If I could just win $5000 at lotto or something that would help me immensely!

                                Poor MOH, while I am gone he will be stuck with 3 dogs and possibly 3 renters. He really does love me to have to put up with my nonsense. Ugh, just thinking about it is making me hesitate to go through with this.

                                What do I do? No don’t answer that…I can do this!

                                Till Then



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                                4 responses to “This is the year of action!

                                1. Waaaahh, big big goals indeed! Great start Audrey :). I just had my review at work.

                                  Super depressed….argh!

                                2. liyang

                                  HAHAHAHA I am going to jump of a bridge…since you dont want a reply to your question I will just shout out some non-sense to fill the space…

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