Too early in the morning*updated with a dose of sillyness + lyrics*

It’s 7.29am at the time that I am writing this, MOH is out at the harbor going  fishing on a boat with a few friends (a small birthday fishing trip for one of the boys which was organised by his girlfriend). Now I have to stay awake to wait for the AA guy to come over to do a full inspection on the batmobile just to make sure it’s in mint condition for us to sell. This car is so hard to off load! I didn’t realize how much spammers and time wasters one had to go through to sell a car.

…Wait up, the AA guy is here, I can hear his car engine outside the garage.

..Back! oh the AA guy is so cute with his big glasses and his yellow AA uniform.

Today is gonna be a long day with the gang helping me out with my music then heading off to Eliza’s from some good ol kiwi bbq and beer. Eliza has this Olympic size ping pong table and I swear it is the most difficult game to play! I hardly play ping pong but it is so much fun! I feel like wearing a collared t-shirt and tight tight shorts whenever I start playing. You know? Singaporean style!

Has anyone seen that new Jane Campion’s new movie Bright Star? I am quite in love with period movies, the language, the costumes and the whimsical nature of the whole era. Mind you I am only interested in the romantic side of it and am truly grateful that I was born in this Century. The part where there is no plumbing, proper dental care, basic hygiene and lack of electricity at that time assures me that I would not have been able to survive during those times but it really does make you believe the adage that “what they don’t know won’t hurt them”. I am sure people in those times weren’t really fussed with what they didn’t have as they didn’t even know that it existed and they made do with what they had. Now put a modern girl back in time say 1920’s in London and you get a really depressing story. I digress, back to Jane Campion’s new movie I read the reviews and they are really piling on the compliments. I am oh so curious to see what the fuss is all about. Having said that I haven’t even seen her most well known movie ‘The Piano’ yet.

…I can hear the AA man tinkering away in the garage. Should I be in the garage with him instead of typing away here on the computer?

I better go and check. Be back later in the day with photos from the BBQ 🙂

…2 hours later…

I was suppose to go back to sleep after the AA guy left but instead I did this. Behold myself in all my dumbness! Bow down!

Don’t listen if you have low tolerance for stupidity!

So here I am

Making the lyrics as I go

I’m thinking about the things that make me happy

I’m trying to make this song as I go

But it seems that I’m failing terribly

So I try to think about the things that make me sad

But nothing comes to mind

I still play four chords over and over again

I have no idea what I’m doing

So, let me tell you a bit about my self

I like music I like reading books

I actually don’t really know how to read notes

But my force my way through every time

So I play the G cause it sounds much better than the E I have been playing so far

Not really sure if this is the bridge or the chorus but I think it’s doing ok

Let’s have a little drama, drama into the line

As you can see I’m really bored

Really, really, really bored

So here we go

I take my time to do the things that I want

And then I fall and I get up again

I have my hair in my face

I can’t move it or else I’ll stop and the music will go

I know that this is crazy I know that this is dumb

Who gives damn

I have the time of my life whenever I am in front  of the computer

I play Dota and Hon and watch a lot of comic books

I like to fish, hell yeah! And I like to play squash

Now I have to get my hair out of my face cause I’m starting to eat it

And then I’m wondering if I should continue

Then I thought what the hell I am already here

I’m just wondering if I’m going to press that button and post it on youtube

I don’t really mind what you think

I still think this is really funny

You might laugh and think me funny

Well that’s the point honey

What else?

Welcome to Midnight Writes

The other guitarist is out fishing

Welcome to Midnight Writes

The other guy who plays guitar better is out fishing.


Till Then


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