Long weekend- it was goof. I mean, good!

Had another long day of jamming with the gang and I wanted to post up our version of  ‘Hotel California’ but camera ran out of battery -_- Yesterdays bbq was sooo good. The food was excellent and the meat was cooked to perfection. I usually don’t enjoy BBQ’s but Kane rocked the pit! I did have an awkward moment in the end when MOH told Eliza (Kane’s lovely wife) that he had just brought Claire to be mated with Murphy’s sire and she asked “Oh when?”. “Oh about two days ago?” answered MOH oblivious to the grimace that passed my face. Earlier on when prodded I had told Eliza that I wasn’t sure if I was going to mate Claire and have puppies. Why did I say that I hear you ask? I don’t know…I wanted to answer her honestly and just before I did I felt uncomfortable so I told her half truths. It is a half truth! I mean I didn’t want Claire to go through with the mating and when we did decide to do it I was still feeling uncomfortable about it. Is this how a mother feels when she knows her kids are having sex????

Anyhoo, new song…well not really. This was one of the first few songs I wrote when I started writing songs. It’s really weird…we are going to record it soon but I thought I should do a short version before we officially record it. The song is called “Take it” and it’s about a person beign pressured to settle for less, but it doesn’t stop the person from wondering about what is out there.  But when you listen to the song it doesn’t really fit my explanation but you know this sort of thing is about feeling. Feeling!

Till Then


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