Haiti relief fund

Hey guys, my band has been invited to perform for a charity event to raise funds for Haiti. If you are in the Auckland area come on over and spend your time (and money) with us. There is a wicked lineup that night to entertain you and what better way to spend your Saturday night then listening to good music and participate in an event that will help those in need? The vibe is going to be wicked! Think island cool, funky grooves and just psychedelic baby!

Below are some videos of the acts that will be performing for you.

King Kapisi

The Sami Sisters

The hot grits

Till Then



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2 responses to “Haiti relief fund

  1. Awww how I wish I could join the fun… wei,you buy me ticket la I go watch. Muahahaaha. kidding kidding.

    btw, i saw some of your youtube clips, very impressing oooo 😉

  2. ha ha ha ha it’s a pity you can’t come and if i had the money i woudl buy you a ticket and for everybody else who isn’t in NZ.

    Youtube clips? Thank you, thank you for fun only

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